5 Reasons You’ll Love Your New Creator Page

You’re an artist, plain and simple. No matter what you make (webcomics, music videos, blacklight paintings), your work is unique and deserves to shine. While our first crack at the creator page design was loved by many, the product team at Patreon has worked long and hard to give your page a new look, feel, and perception.

Why is Creator Page version 2 so much better than the first? Let me count the ways.


All eyes on you

As an artist, your work is your brainchild; Nobody puts baby in the corner. With a fully immersive experience, your art is now front and center, right where it should be.


Rocks it on mobile

The world is going mobile-first, which means your fans are likely checking out your page straight from their phones. The new design is mobile friendly and responsive, with both apps for iOS and Android.


Increases patronage

Although it sounds too good to be true, our data team has been studying conversion rates (of fans who visit your page, then become a patron) and it’s all good news: the new page has a 20% higher conversion rate than the first version!


Drives patron engagement

With an upgraded look for commenting, posting and liking, your creator page makes it much easier for potential and existing patrons to engage and interact with the content you’re sharing.


Honestly, it’s just better

You’re a professional and you’re using Patreon to run your business. We understand that your creator page is a big deal, as it is often a first impression to your fans. Plainly said, this new design looks infinitely more professional, showcasing you as the artist that you are. It’s elegant, simple and beautiful.

On March 15th, we’re switching over all pages to the new version, although we encourage you to adopt the new look early and get started today.