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5 new features for connecting with your current and potential patrons

We’re here to help you connect with your top fans and thrive in your creative career. Driven by your feedback, we’re focusing on building things that make it easier for you to own the relationship between you and your audience.

Here are some of the highly requested updates we’ve released this summer that help you connect with your current and potential patrons.

Get smart with Google Analytics for your page

We all know it; data is key for understanding the behaviors of your patrons and strategizing how to grow your patron-base. One of our most requested features of all time is here; you can now send your Patreon page data into your own Google Analytics account!

Simply add a Google Analytics tracking ID to your creator page to track statistics like page visits, referrals, demographics, and more. Click here to get started.

Message patrons easily to stay in touch

Our new bulk messaging feature makes it easy to quickly reach out to targeted groups of patrons. It’s great for delivering your benefits or sending a message with a more personal feel.

Easily filter your patrons by category (like tier, dollar amount, former patrons, declined payments) and click “message” to reach that specific group of people. Tell your patrons to get excited because they might be hearing from you more often!

Make posts more enticing when you share to social

With new teaser-text on social, you can give your fans a glimpse of what they could access by becoming a patron. Read more here to learn how to add teaser-text when sharing patron-only posts on social channels. (Teaser-text displayed above is by The Son Ranto Show).

Choose if patrons get notified when you edit a post

Now you have complete control over whether your patrons receive notifications when you edit an old post. If you decide to add a tag, fix a typo, or change the access settings to a post, notifying patrons is now entirely up to you.

Order your posts in the right sequence

A very important update for you creators who make serial content: we built a way for your patrons (and potential patrons) to sort through posts chronologically. If you’re a podcaster or a writer who prefers your patrons to view your oldest posts first, this one’s for you.

Available on the posts tab of your creator page, the “Sort by Date” feature gives the option to sort posts by newest or oldest first.

Tell us what you want next.

We’re tackling a laundry list of these small improvements to make your experience on Patreon increasingly better. Want to share your suggestions? We’d love to hear them. Tune in to our next Hang Time and join the conversation.

To check out the new updates first-hand: take me to Patreon.