Patreon Staff Picks: Evan’s Top 5 Hidden Gems

Evan, a Patreon Community Happiness representative, has curated 5 of his creator picks for you.

Typically when I find something interesting or unique, I act like a child thinking it’s the coolest thing in the world — in that moment, you better believe it is. I get insanely excited, my voice starts get louder, and I make eye contact with everyone around me to see if I can find the same joy in their eyes. A majority of the time, I am the only one yelling and looking around like a madman, but nonetheless, I’m stoked about it. The greatest thing about this is that it usually happens when I’m not even expecting it. The surprise of it all makes it so much cooler! It’s like I’m an adventurer through life and on my journey and I have uncovered a brand new treasure.

Being a community happiness rep over here at Patreon provides me with the opportunity to stumble across amazing creators — and even talk to them — all the time. What’s really great is that almost every day at work I uncover one of these treasures.

So without further ado, I present to you a list of creators/treasures who I’ve found recently that are wildly cool. I think you’ll like them too.

The Icing Artist: The Icing Artist


Do you like cookies with cute faces on them? A cake that has such a realistic face you could have a long conversation with only to realize that it’s a cake? Dress cakes!?! Well you’re in luck! Laurie is showing her patrons how to make all of these incredible things and more!

Check her out here.

FUNPOV: Video & Film

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I don’t have much to say about this other than it is something that you should totally check out. This guy is creating videos with the aim to spread smiles and change the world. It’s got me hooked and I am so pumped to start watching his videos.

Check him out here.

Paul Robertson: Drawing and Painting


This guy is SO awesome. I just recently stumbled upon his page and love it so much. He creates really cool pixel art and has even done so for that cool movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The Simpsons D= just to name a couple.

Check him out here.

Steve Ferrera: Crafts & DIY


WOW! So cool! This guy and his team are creating a children’s book that looks like something out of a Tim Burton film. The really cool thing is that instead of drawing all the images for the book, they are building everything and taking pictures of it!

Check it out here

Jenny Mustard: Video & Film

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I’ve recently changed my diet a bit (a lot) to being a vegan so am always up to learning about someone else’s tricks when it comes to cooking a vegan dish. Jenny Mustard and her man David are making some darn good food. Not only do they make great food, they also give great tips around fashion and a minimalist lifestyle.

Check them out here.

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