5 Reasons to Live Stream with Your Audience

The number one way to expand your audience is to connect with them. The best method for this is face-to-face interaction, but you obviously can’t meet with every patron, so… what do you do? Enter live video, better known as live streaming.

There are countless reasons to introduce live video sessions with your audience, but we narrowed it down to our top 5.

5. Find Your Super-Fans!

Have you noticed that after people meet a celebrity, assuming the encounter was positive, they often become super-fans? Musicians, authors, actors – it’s all the same. Once you have a live interaction with someone, you become authentic, you become a friend. Interacting with your fans through live video builds relationship and increases real connection. Continue to nurture these relationships and you’re left with loyal super-fans who will have your back, whatever you do.

4. Scale Yourself!

There are only 24 hours in a day. It’s easy to waste energy on blog posts, social media and other things that survive only a short amount of time in all the white noise. By using a tool like Crowdcast with your patrons, you can automatically record all your live events and embed them onto your website. Cover topics that will remain relevant in the future, and you’ll build up an arsenal of recorded events that your audience can enjoy for years.

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3. Stand Out From the Crowd!

Society’s attention span grows shorter and shorter every day. As newspapers scramble to adapt and keep the lights on, it’s very clear that people are consuming content on their own terms, through platforms they truly enjoy. Early bloggers had a ton of success before the blogosphere became totally dominated. Technology is finally making it easy to connect with your audience over live video, but few creators have caught on, or they feel that live video might not be in their wheelhouse. You could be one of the pioneers.

2. Get Instant Feedback!

You’re a creator and you’re busy creating so. much. stuff. It’s hard to know what will really resonate with your fans… until you ask. During a live event, you can ask questions, take polls and gather real votes. Learn what your audience loves, or what they’d love to see from you. Use fan-sourced feedback to focus and direct your creativity.

1. Be Authentic!

Connecting with your fans through live video increases transparency, it reminds them you’re human. There is no editing, no retakes, no touch-ups. Everything is shamelessly YOU.

The more you show your raw, authentic self (with all your quirks), the more relatable you become. As humans, we relate best through face-to-face interaction. Live video sessions open up a level of connection that hasn’t been possible through technology, until now.

Cy Hossain is the founder of Crowdcast, the easiest way to connect with your audience over interactive live video. If you’re intersted using Crowdcast to livestream to with your patrons, check out the Patreon’s Crowdcast integration.