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Adding Custom Elements to Your About Section for the Overview Tab

While not necessary, some creators choose to add custom elements to the About section of their pages, such as HTML, images, and video.

Custom HTML

HTML is a system for tagging text files to customize font, color, graphics, and other effects on web pages. In other words, it's what some of our top creators use to spruce up their pages and add an exciting extra element of design.

To enter the HTML editor, click the </> symbol at the top of the rich text editor pane from your page settings page.

From here, add any custom HTML your heart desires. Need an overview of what sorts of customizations you can do with HTML? Go here.

Add video to your About section

In order to add video to your about section, you will need to grab the embed code. If your video is on Youtube or Vimeo, simply copy this code from where the video is hosted by clicking the Share button at the bottom of the video.

Go back to your page editor and place your cursor into the text box where you'd like the video to show up. Now click the video icon on the icon panel and insert the embed code into the modal that pops up.

🏆 Pro Tip:  While the steps above will add video - any video - to your “About” section, there’s an even simpler way to set up your intro video. Simply grab the URL from wherever it is hosted and plug it into the section at the bottom that says Intro Video. It will automatically be added to the top of your page.


Images are a great way to add color to your page or share some existing work with potential patrons who land on your page. Check out this article to see what kind of files are supported.

You can add images to the description of your page one of two ways. If you're familiar with HTML, you can enter the source code into the HTML text box. Another option is to grab the direct image link from where it is hosted.

Remember, once launched and live, everything you’ve listed in the “About” section can be found on the “Overview” tab. You can always point to the tab when potential or current patrons are wondering about your work.