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Watch: Artist Aja Kahti on the Joy of Creative Control


Singer. Songwriter. Visual Artist. Creative Consultant. Vocal Coach. Producer. Undiscovered Talent.

These are just a few of the words that Aja Kahti uses to describe herself. She's passionate about driving her own potential and defining her own path. But Aja isn’t just about being comfortable while she goes after her creative dreams; she’s also innovative, and going off the beaten path has already proven valuable.

When she entered the A3C Studio Takeover contest, part of the A3C - Festival and Conference, Aja didn’t let her comfort zone dictate her entry. Where the majority of musical artists submitted musical entries, Aja opted to write an essay instead. Her creativity and passion set her apart, making her the winner of the A3C recording session.

Creative risks like that are often what lead artists to new opportunities, new communities, and new collaborations.

Watch her story on the joys of creative control.

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