Announcing image galleries in posts

Fans love membership because they get connection, access, and content they can’t get anywhere else. The data is clear; the benefit that retains patrons the best is exclusive content, whether it’s video, audio, or images/artwork. But it’s been a challenge to share your beautiful images with your patrons because posting didn’t allow you to upload multiple images at once. Today that changes.

Introducing Image Galleries in posts. Now, whether you’re a visual artist sharing a series of illustrations, or a podcaster sharing photos from a recent event, you can upload as many images as you like to a post, creating a beautiful image gallery with an intuitive viewing experience for your patrons.

image galleries hero

Illustrations in images by Pau.

A display that looks as good as your images

  • Your images, your way: Choose the cover image for your gallery, and arrange the rest of them in any order you like.
  • Bulk upload: No more resorting to clever hacks or Photoshop tricks. A simple drag, drop, and publish lets your patrons get a deeper look inside your world.
  • Better viewing experience: When your patrons click on a thumbnail, it will expand into a full-sized light box, displaying your image in vivid detail. Plus, with the arrow button or their keyboard, your patrons will be able to click through the images, and see the rest of your works.

Deliver something special to your patrons by sharing a gallery in a Patrons-only post. Or show off your work to future patrons by showing off a gallery in a Public post.

ImageGalleries makepost

Ready to start sharing multiple images with your patrons?

Head over to your creator page and make a post with multiple images today.

And, if you’d like detailed instructions on how to use this new feature, check out the support page titled, Creating Image galleries in posts.