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Build the membership business that’s right for your patrons with Patreon Pro

When Patreon was founded back in 2013, the company had one mission: to get the creative class paid.

Six years later we’re still on that mission, and now more than ever before, Patreon is better suited to meet the diverse needs of creators, wherever they are in their creative careers. In May 2019, we launched new creator plans with different feature sets, and tailored for creators at different stages to help them reach their goals.

Meet Lite, Pro, and Premium, three new creator plans that we designed so you can build the membership business that’s right for you.

What is Patreon Pro?

We built Patreon Pro for creators who want more control over their membership businesses, and more tools to grow.

With Patreon Pro, you’ll be able to set up recurring support from your fans, plus you’ll get additional membership tools — like tiers and Special Offers — to help you increase your earnings and market your membership to your audience. You’ll also gain unlimited access to Patreon’s app integrations, so that you can foster a deeper connection with your fanbase, build community with your patrons, and so much more.

Make a membership business for all your fans

While Patreon Lite does not include membership tiers, with Pro, you can create as many membership tiers as you’d like, with different benefits at each tier. This way you can give your fans options, such as a variety of price points and benefits, so you can build a creator page that appeals to all your fans.

What are tiers and benefits?

Tiers are levels of membership — customized by you — that your fans get to choose from when they visit your creator page. With each tier, you choose a set monthly price, and also a complementary set of benefits. Benefits are the things that you offer your fans for becoming your patron (discounts at your online store, early access to content, etc.)

Why are multiple tiers good for your membership?

Having multiple tiers allows you to create a membership business that has something for everyone.

  • Give your fans options: No two fans are exactly the same. Some of them will want early access to your content, and others may want exclusive merch. With multiple tiers and benefits, your fans can choose the option that is right for them.
  • Get to know your audience: With multiple tiers, you’ll gain valuable insights into your audience. By tracking which tiers are most popular, you’ll learn what benefits your fans want the most, so that you can fine-tune your pitch for membership and acquire more patrons.

Data deep dive: Why multiple tiers and benefits can increase your earnings on Patreon

We look at data from thousands of creators so we can share with you what works best. Our Data Science team tells us that creators who feature 2 - 5 tiers on their creator pages earn more than creators who have zero.

Our Data Science team figured out that statistic by comparing creators' “cents per landing."

When a fan lands on your page who is not yet your patron, we call that a “landing.” Our team takes the amount of cents pledged to a creator over a given time period, and divides that by the total number of landings on a creator’s page. That number is the creator’s “cents per landing.”

On average, “cents per landing” for creators with 2 - 5 tiers is almost double that of creators who only use 1 tier.

Here are three tiers you could offer your fans

podcast image

1. The entry-level tier: (suggested tier price $3–5)

The entry-level tier should be the lowest priced of your membership options. This tier is perfect for your fans who may be new to Patreon, and want to give becoming your patron a try.

Since entry-level tiers are often a popular choice for fans, make sure to offer benefits that are low cost and low effort. That way, you won’t get overwhelmed by delivering benefits to your patrons.

If you are a podcaster, here are some benefit ideas to offer with an entry-level tier:

  • Access to a patron-only Discord server where your patrons can discuss your latest podcast episode
  • Early access to podcast episodes through a patron only RSS feed
  • A monthly email newsletter that gives behind-the-scenes details about your show

2. The mid-level tier (suggested tier price: $10–20)

Mixing Board

The mid-level tier is the backbone of your membership business. Because it has the potential to bring in a substantial amount of your earnings, make the benefits for this tier too good for your fans to pass up.

When you’re deciding what benefits to offer with your mid-level tier, ask yourself this question: what benefits would provide your patrons the most value?

If you are a musician, here are some benefit ideas to offer with a mid-level tier:

  • Album downloads
  • Exclusive, in-the-studio video live streams
  • Pre-sale concert ticket purchases
  1. The high-level tier (suggested tier price $30 or more)

Video camera

Your high-level tier should be reserved for benefits that are truly out of this world. Some creators use this tier as a way to experiment with new benefit ideas. Others use it as a way to deliver limited-quantity items (like exclusive merch) to patrons.

Because benefits for this tier are often high-value for patrons, and high-resource (time, money, etc) for creators, its tier price should be substantially higher than your other tiers.

If you are a video creator, here are some benefit ideas to offer with a high-level tier:

  • Limited-edition merch
  • An individual shout out in one of your videos
  • A personalized letter

Three tiers is plenty for a solid membership, but some creators do well with more. For instance, many creators have a higher priced tier with a highly coveted benefit so the superfans have something to upgrade to. With Patreon Pro, you can experiment to find the right number of tiers for you and your audience.

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Give yourself a raise with Special Offers

Whether you’re window shopping in a brick and mortar store or you’re browsing a shop online, there’s something so enticing about a limited-time offer.

The Special Offer feature, available in Patreon Pro and above, allows you to harness the power of limited-time offers to give yourself a raise. With a Special Offer, you can offer a benefit to your fans that’s only available if they sign up to be your patron within a certain time frame.

On average, creators who run Special Offers on Patreon see a 200 percent increase in new pledges when compared to new pledges acquired in the previous month.

A Special Offer works great when launching your creator page for the first time. For example, you can create momentum by offering something exclusive to everyone who becomes a patron within the first 2 weeks of your Patreon launch.

Here are some other ways to use Special Offers:

  • Musicians — Time your Special Offer with an album release: A Special Offer isn’t just a way to entice fans to become patrons. It’s also a great marketing tool. Want to build momentum for an album release? As an inventive album roll out, why not offer your fans a signed physical-copy of an upcoming album or EP?
  • Podcasters — Offer your patrons a shout-out on a future episode: A Special Offer is a great opportunity to form a deeper level of connection with your listeners. Entice your fans by offering them individual shout-outs at the beginning of an upcoming podcast episode. They’ll be so excited to hear their name on your show.
  • Video Creators — Offer your patrons an exclusive video: Fans always want more of the content they love. So video creators, if you really want to get your fans excited, offer them a video that you made exclusively for them. To make it even more fun, let your patrons in on the creative process. You can have the patrons who join during the Special Offer period vote on three video ideas, and then, make a video out of the one that wins.

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Build community with Pro

While your fans love you for your content, you give them something else, too — a sense of community. No matter what you create, your fans want a safe space to talk about it. They want to hang out with each other (and you), and, most importantly, they want a place where they feel like they belong.

With Patreon Pro’s app integrations, you can offer your fans admission to community spaces where they can connect with each other and discuss your work. This is a great benefit because you don’t always need to be part of the conversation. Your community will develop its own momentum, and you only need to pop in when you have time.

Here are three Patreon Pro app integrations to help you create community for your patrons:

1. Create a safe environment for your closest fans with Discord

Social media is a great place to interact with your fans. However, with the whole world watching, it’s not always the most nurturing place for your fans to converse. Give your fans the ability to build community with Patreon Pro’s Discord Integration. Discord is a free chat application you can use to create patron-only chat rooms.

To learn more about how to set up Discord for your patrons, check out the blog article, “Integrating with Discord.”

Also, to learn membership tips and tricks and to connect with other creators in the Patreon community, join our official Discord server and private forum (apply for access here).

2. Reward your patrons and expand your audience on Reddit

Many creators love Reddit for hosting discussions, interacting with their communities, finding new fans, and attracting future patrons.

The Patreon/Reddit integration makes it easy to connect your Reddit community (or subreddit) with Patreon. Get a widget that drives fans from Reddit to your creator page, and reward your patrons with a special badge on Reddit

To learn more about how to connect your creator page to Reddit, check out the following support article.

3. Build a group of trusted advisors with Discourse

While chat is a good place for on-the-fly talks between your patrons, conversation topics that require complex or longer responses may be better suited for a forum.

With the Patreon/Discourse integration, you can create a private forum for your patrons. Give them a place to discuss your content, as well as broader topics related to your works. You can even drop in and ask them for feedback on your creative business — they’d love to hear from you!

To learn more about how to set up Discourse for your patrons, check out the following support article.

How do I sign up for Patreon Pro?

We hope we’ve given you some ideas of what Patreon Pro can do for you.

If you have a creator page already, and would like to upgrade to Pro, go to your account settings and select “Change Plan,” and then click the “upgrade” button under the Pro plan. For more detailed instructions on how to upgrade your creator plan, please read the support article, “How do I upgrade my plan from Patreon Lite to Pro?

If you haven’t yet launched on Patreon, and you want to start with Pro, click here and select “Get Started” at top of the page.