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Join us during GDC week at The Mix Showcase, featuring No Clip creator Danny O’Dwyer! At every GDC for the last 6 years, The Mix Showcase celebrates the coolest indie games from around the world. Patreon creator Danny O’Dwyer will be hosting the Twitch livestream from the event sharing selected games. Come meet Danny, the Patreon team, and play some brand new indie games — some showing for the first time ever! February 27th, 7 -11 PM 981 Mission Street, a few blocks from the Moscone Convention Center      Interested in attending? Register on the event page. While admissions will be limited to people with confirmation emails sent by The MIX team, we’ll accommodate as many as possible at the…

This year, over 40 artists and creators came together at Patreon's first all-creator conference, PatreCon. There, creators shared war stories — flopped ideas, lost labels, brand battles, and more. Also there, former touring musician and YouTube star — now, Patreon's CEO — Jack Conte gave the most moving, motivating, and encouraging speech for all creators who were thirsty for a change. Without further ado, part 1: Make Great Stuff Part 2: Adjust Your Packaging Part 3: Work to Publish Click here if you'd like to learn more about PatreCon. Before you get back to making awesome things, comment below and tell us which video resonated most!

When I got to PatreCon—Patreon’s first annual conference for creators—I’d hit a wall in my career. My novel trilogy had just been rejected by publishers. Not because it wasn’t good, but because almost no one wanted to commit until all three volumes were finished. Which meant I’d just spent three years writing for free, and was looking at two more years of doing the same. I arrived at PatreCon feeling pretty helpless. The first night of the conference, we got a tour of Patreon headquarters. As soon as we started walking around, I felt better, though I couldn’t say exactly why. I just felt like I’d come to a safe space. My fellow creators were warm, funny, and whip-smart. Over…

Kicking off the In Our House series (a look into the life of Patreon creators visiting the office), you’ll meet Nate Maingard. Modern troubadour, teller of stories, and singer of songs, Nate will have you smiling, jamming, and tearing up all at the same time. Talk about a true artist. 

We deal with a lot of data here on the Patreon data science team.  That’s a very good thing, because we enjoy what we do and especially enjoy sharing it with others.  The first draft of this blog post was just a copy-paste of all of our internal metrics spreadsheets (we like spreadsheets), but after some deliberation we decided that would bore you.  We came up with this easily digestible list of facts instead.

I always enjoy watching this XOXO Festival talk hosted by Jack Conte, Patreon's CEO and half of the band Pomplamoose. It tells the perfect origin story of Patreon, and the trials and tribulations a creator goes through to make a decent living online. Jack discovered a huge problem, and attacked it with the ultimate solution: Patreon. I'm so passionate about Jack’s message and our core values as a family of creators for creators. I hope you enjoy this abbreviated version of Jack's powerful talk! Patreon is the best way creators to get ongoing funding directly from their fans. Are you ready to join the future of funding art?