What Affects How Much I Can Make on Patreon? (With Examples from Top Earners)
As much as we’d love to, we can’t look into a crystal ball and tell you how much you’ll earn if you sign up for Patreon. But we can  tell…
May 30, 2018Olivia Seitz
5 Podcasters Share Their Biggest Tip on Promoting a Podcast
Once you’ve started a podcast, how do you build your audience? To answer this question, we asked 5 successful podcasters in the Patreon…
December 22, 2017Olivia Seitz
How The Fantasy Footballers’ Podcast Grew Revenues To Support 4 Full-Time Creators
Andy Holloway, Mike Wright, Jason Moore, and Brooks Carmean are living the creator’s dream. They make a full time living. All year long…
October 26, 2017Nathan Collier
44 Award-Nominated Podcasts & Their Top Rated Episodes
[ vc _ row ] [ vc _ column ] [ vc _ column _ text ] In 2 days, the Academy of Podcasters  will be handing out awards for outstanding…
August 21, 2017Sean Baeyens
How Kinda Funny Built the Most Engaged Community on Patreon
In January of 2015, four video game vets quit their long-held day jobs at IGN to collectively work on a new project focused on nerdy…
August 15, 2017Ellie MacBride
The 7 Best Podcast Promotion Strategies (And How to Use Them)
With over 1 in 3 Americans  now having listened to a podcast, it’s getting easier and more attractive to start and grow your own show. The…
April 13, 2017Nat Eliason
These 35 Creators Earned Over $150,000 Each on Patreon in 2016 – Meet Them!
Finally, ”starving” and “artist” no longer need to be joined at the hip. Patreon is, hands down, the best place for creators to get paid. In…
January 06, 2017Taryn Arnold
6 Ways to Make Money from Your Podcast
So you’ve got your own podcast. You’ve invested in the right equipment, spent hours planning/recording/editing episodes, and even mastered…
December 23, 2016Kati Holland
How Easy Allies Became One of the Highest Earning Creators Overnight
After thirteen years, longstanding game review site GameTrailers.com was forced to shut down and nine remaining employees told to leave…
May 10, 2016Ellie MacBride

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