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Henry Reich draws Minute Physics. Henry is physicist/researcher, writer & illustrator behind Minute Physics & Minute Earth. Simply put, he makes short videos about cool physics, the Earth and other sweet science. On Henry’s passion for sharing his knowledge in stick figure form: (1:45) “The first couple months were just totally for fun!Before starting Minute Physics: (14:50) “I didn’t quite understand how many out there like & care about science.Minute Physics & Minute Earth

Drew Ackerman, in his persona as ‘Dearest Scooter’, creates the witty, whimsical & lulling ‘Sleep With Me’ podcast. Three times a week, Drew offers sweet audio relief to many an insomniac.
‘Sleep with Me’ on Patreon
On ignoring your internal critic: (5:10) “This critical part of me (said) ‘no, that’s embarrassing!”.
On setting deadlines: (17:00) “The Deadline is magical…The show comes out on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and that train is always moving!”

Craig Benzine, AKA Wheezy Waiter, is a busy guy. Simultaneously, he is…a beard, The Good Stuff host, Youtube videoholic, musician & comedian. Wheezy Waiter on Patreon. On building a Youtube audience (10:55): “be willing to go for it, make mistakes”. On working for your patrons instead of advertisers: (15:35) “it can be about…the quality of your community, not necessarily the quantity…”