How to Boost your Income on Patreon with a Special Offer
We think you creators deserve a raise, and we want to help you get one. That’s why we’re here to tell you about an exciting strategy that…
August 15, 2018Christine Donaldson
How Lawless French Increased Income 50% by Using Patreon’s WordPress Plugin (in Just 3 Months)
Laura Lawless  loves to teach French… as long as it doesn’t involve standing in a classroom every day. Laura has been writing instructional…
April 24, 2018Olivia Seitz
3 Ways Kameron Hurley Is Reinventing How Writers Get Paid
Kameron Hurley is busy. Aside from authoring  The Stars are Legion, The Geek Feminist Revolution  essay collection, as well as the God’s War…
July 07, 2017Christine Donaldson
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Committing to Life as a Freelance Writer
In the early years of my writing career, I spent many hours daydreaming about working for myself. In those days I worked full-time…
February 08, 2017Marisa Belger
Yes, You Can Self-Publish Your Book Online. Here’s What You Need to Know
Twenty years ago, if you were an author trying to get your book published, you had to shop your manuscript around to the big publishers in…
February 03, 2017Kati Holland
Eight Patreon Reward Ideas for Writers
Blogging? Writing the next best novel? Finishing your long-awaited short story? Whatever you’re working on, there are SO many ways to reward…
August 30, 2016Christine Donaldson

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