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5 Child Art Prodigies to Look Up To

These children may not be old enough to drive, vote, or even watch some of these movies in theaters, but they’ve made BIG splashes in the art community.

Meet (and take inspiration from) the young geniuses on their way to becoming household names.

Featured image by Abby Kron

Hamzah Marbella


At just eight years old, Hamzah Marbella became the youngest member of the Artists Association of the Philippines. He began painting at two, competing at four, and won more than fifty art awards by eight. Notably, some of Hamzah Marbella’s most recent work is housed inside the United Nations Headquarters in NYC.

Wang Yani


The successful Chinese artist started painting at two-and-a-half, created her first exhibition at four, and appeared on a postage stamp when she was eight. At just three years old, one of Wang Yani’s first paintings, Kitty, was showcased at the Smithsonian Institute (cats and monkeys were her favorite subjects to paint).

Josh Tiessen


Josh Tiessen is the youngest member of the International Guild of Realism and held his first public art exhibition at eleven. He’s since sold hundreds of limited edition giclée prints to art collectors around the world. Additionally, he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 for his artwork and philanthropy.

Aelita Andre


BBC called her the youngest ever professional artist, and for good reason—she held her first abstract art exhibition at 22 months old. Just months later, Aelita Andre and her parents traveled to Hong Kong, where she sold one of her Surrealist paintings for a whopping $24,000. The press might nickname her the “Pee-wee Picasso,” but there’s nothing small about her talent.

Kieron Williamson


Known for his advanced use of perspective and shading in his watercolor paintings, Kieron Williamson is currently a fourteen-year-old art force to be reckoned with. The UK-based artist sold his first painting when he was six and has since made over £1,500,000 from his paintings. No wonder the media calls him “Mini Monet.”

Calling all “little” artists! See that paintbrush? That’s your sword. You’ll use it to fight off imaginary dragons, your inner critic, and any doubt of your artistic wizardry.

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