Rewarding your patrons is a great way to show your fans how much they mean to you, as well as incentivize potential patrons to become your patrons. In short, rewards are highly valuable to both you and your community.

You may be thinking “Where do I even start?” Or “I thought that sharing my work with my patrons was enough of a reward for them already!” Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with your work and thinking “I don’t have time to create and send rewards to all of my patrons.”

Fear not–I’m here to answer all of the questions bubbling up in your head about rewards on Patreon and get you excited about rewarding your patrons with special perks that only you can provide them. Let’s get started!

Patreon is the best way for creators to earn ongoing funding directly from their fans.


Do I need to offer rewards to my patrons?

Absolutely not! In fact, some creators don’t offer any rewards or simply create one reward tier as admission into their community (check out Jimquisition for a great example of a successful creator doing this).

That said, offering rewards will likely drive more interest from fans to sign up and become your patrons. While many patrons simply want to support you out of the kindness of their hearts, we’ve done some research that shows that a creator with rewards on Patreon tends to perform better than a creator without.

Check out this graph from a blog post our data team wrote that’ll give you an idea of how having rewards can help you be more successful on Patreon:

Screenshot 2016-06-27 15.05.50

As you can see pretty clearly, the more rewards you offer on Patreon, the higher the likelihood is that you’ll process at least $100 in your first month on Patreon.

What kinds of rewards should I give patrons?

The best rewards tend to be perks that are easy to create and distribute digitally on Patreon and don’t take a lot of your time to make. There are several great tools built into Patreon that you can leverage as rewards to your patrons, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the platform before committing to offering external services or physical goods as rewards.


Here are some great rewards that you can easily distribute with Patreon:  

  • Access to your patron-only feed
    We recommend this as the base for all of your rewards on Patreon, as it requires no work on your part to fulfill. When a patron signs up as your patron, they are immediately given access to your patron-only feed and any content you have previously shared with their reward tier.
  • Photos and/or videos of your process
    Fans love when they can get a peek behind the scenes into your creative process, so consider setting up a camera or snapping a few photos while you work. When you attach the photos or video to a post on Patreon, you can select the minimum pledge level that can see the content. This is a great reward to offer your patrons paying a bit higher than the minimum reward tier.
  • Live chat
    Did you know that Patreon has a “live chat” feature built into the mobile app? No need to move your patrons onto another platform for this perk! You can simply click “go live” in the posting tool on the mobile app and chat with your patrons in the post comments. Build up excitement beforehand by telling your patrons you’re doing an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) and offer your higher-tiered patrons an awesome experience.
  • Downloads
    Musicians, podcasters, and anyone who makes sound, rejoice! With Patreon, you can attach downloadable MP3s directly to your posts and share with your patrons. Not a soundmaker? That’s cool too! Add attachments of up to 100MB each to your posts for a little extra something to share with your fans.

When creating rewards, feel free to get creative or ask your fans what they’d love to receive in exchange for their support! Be careful not to make them overly complicated or time-consuming, though. We want you to be able to spend more of your time working on your creations—not distracting you from your work to fulfill hundreds of extravagant rewards.

For more inspiration, check out our Creator Guide for even more reward suggestions for musicians, filmmakers/vloggers, podcasters, photographers, gamers, writers and visual artists.

Can I send physical rewards?

You sure can! When you create a reward tier for a physical perk, simply check the box that says “Ask for shipping address during pledge checkout” and your patrons will immediately be prompted to enter their address when selecting the reward. From your Patron Manager, you’ll then be able to view all of these patrons’ mailing addresses as well as download a CSV of your patrons’ data to make reward fulfillment easy for you.


Just be careful when offering physical rewards, as patrons are located all over the world and you may find yourself spending more on shipping costs than they are on their payment to you. Since physical rewards can also take a bit of time to put together, we recommend reserving these for your higher-tiered patrons.

Can I set a limit to how many patrons can receive a specific reward?

When you are creating your reward, you will see a button that reads “Limit Available.” Click that and you will be able to select how many patrons can sign up to receive this reward. Setting a limit is great for those more extravagant rewards (like one-on-one video chats) that you’d like to make more exclusive. Be careful not to set a limit for rewards that are easy for you to fulfill though. If a patron tries to sign up for a reward that has already hit its limit, they may reconsider paying that amount to you (or decide not to become your patron at all).

Will my higher-paying patrons receive all of the rewards that lower-paying patrons receive?

This depends on how you choose to distribute rewards. If you share rewards in posts, then you’ll have the option of selecting the minimum reward tier that can see the reward. If you have your own process for fulfilling rewards though (i.e. via email, external links, etc.), you can opt to send rewards to each reward tier or processed patron separately.

What is the best process for fulfilling rewards?

We recommend distributing rewards through your posting tool at the beginning of each month, after your patrons’ payments have processed.

To send rewards via posts, simply upload/attach/paste content into a new post and share with the minimum payment tier required to access the post. Patrons whose payment declines will not be able to view the reward until their payment processes, so don’t let declined payments prevent you from sharing rewards with your processed patrons.

If you have physical rewards to fulfill, navigate over to your Patron Manager and click into your most recent paid post. At the top-right of the page, click “download CSV” for an easy-to-import spreadsheet that’ll list all of your patrons’ payment levels, contact info and mailing addresses (if applicable).

What if I decide I no longer want to offer one of my rewards?

No problem! You can always remove any rewards you no longer want straight from your page editor. Just make sure to let any patrons attached to that reward know that you’re doing this so they can sign up for another reward. Deleting a reward won’t delete the patrons tied to that reward, so it’s important to communicate the change to your community if you opt to remove any of your rewards.

Can I enter patrons into a raffle as part of a reward?

Unfortunately, raffles, giveaways, or “chances-to-win” are not allowed on Patreon, as they are technically a form of gambling. In order to stay in accordance with our state’s gambling laws, if we catch wind of you offering a raffle as a reward, we’ll kindly ask you to remove it.

Do you have any examples of top creators offering cool rewards?

I’m so glad you asked! Check out Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, CPG Grey and Adam Johnston for successful creators with awesome rewards. If you’re ever stuck on what kinds of rewards you should offer, you can always start off simple and ask your community what they’d love to receive in exchange for their pledge to you.

Still have questions about rewarding your patrons? Ask in the comments and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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About The Author

Ellie MacBride

Community at Patreon, whiskey drinker and lover of all things cinematic.

  • CGP Grey is misspelled. It’s good to know about live chat.

  • Chris O’Connell

    When editing my rewards, the frequency defaults to “per episode” and I don’t see where I can edit it to monthly or weekly. I see other creators set at monthly.

    • Ellie MacBride

      Hey Chris, after you click “edit your page” on the top banner while viewing your creator page, click “edit” where your patron count is listed. From there, a modal will pop up that allows you to switch to monthly.

      • Chris O’Connell

        Thanks so much. I did end up finding the answer in the help section.

  • Kuner1

    Where can I edit my rewards?

    • Ellie MacBride

      You can edit your rewards directly on your creator page if you are signed in. Simply click “edit your page” on the top banner and you’ll be able to edit anything on the page.

  • Tha Real Tnt

    can i make my rewards a one time thing instead of monthly?

    • Ellie MacBride

      Good question! We designed rewards to be an easy way for creators to give something back to their patrons on an ongoing basis (i.e. sharing process photos while working on a big project).

      That said, you can offer a one-time reward as long as you make it clear on your page that potential patrons won’t receive the reward every month. I would recommend over-communicating this in the actual reward description, your about me section, your “thank you page” and your explainer video.

  • Damon P Simonds

    this post was useless as S**T tells us what rewards we can do but doesnt tell us HOW WE ADD THEM

    • Ellie MacBride

      Hey Damon, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

      When you become a creator, you’re taken through the process of creating rewards. It didn’t seem necessary to include instructions for how to do it since it’s pretty straightforward, but if you run into any trouble, let me know and I’d be happy to offer guidance!

      • Damon P Simonds

        Like i made teh money ammounts. I wrote what tehy do, Now how to i MAKE them do it? because its not working.

      • Iolanda Papisca John Bombino

        I have the same problem I can’t figured out how to create a please!

        • Ellie MacBride

          Hey Iolanda, when you are on your creator page, click “edit” where the reward section is. If you think you’re experiencing a bug that’s making this impossible, feel free to send a note to our support team here:

      • Glitcher

        It’s not straightforward at all. I know how to edit the reward tiers, but not how to offer rewards themselves. For example, I want to offer a digital brush set for $20 patrons. How do I do that?

      • Jason A. Quest

        Whenever someone says “it’s straightforward, you don’t need instructions”, that tells you that they’ve spent way too long on the inside.

  • Andrew Darlin

    Can I make a reward a pre order one time payment for say a physical album, singe or EP?

  • Carlos IV Convers

    Good day for all. I have the next question. Apart from the strategies mentioned here, ¿how can I make my profile visible inside on Patreon website?

  • Kevin Chu

    What is a tier?

    • Ellie MacBride

      Hey Kevin, a tier is a reward level. Hypothetical example: some patrons may be subscribed to your $1 tier while a few other patrons signed up for your $50 tier.

      Let me know if that doesn’t answer your question.

  • thette

    I see some artists set up rewards on per week basis, but I only see the options of per month or per creation on my page. Is there another option I need to adjust to see the weekly pledge option?

  • Brian Dillon

    I’m just wondering, if you’re a patron do you have to sign up for a certain amount of months? Or can you just sign up for a month and cut your subscription after that?

  • DinosaurFaceOverlord

    Does each reward have to be on a monthly basis? Can a reward be a one time deal only? Can someone cancel payment and still have access to the Patron only side?

    • Ellie MacBride

      Hey there! Nope–you can totally offer rewards as frequently/infrequently as you’d like. I would just advise that if your rewards are offered “one time,” that you mention that in the description of the reward so that patrons don’t expect the reward again the following month. If a patron cancels their payment to you (or if their payment declines), they will be revoked access of the content shared with their reward tier until their payment processes.

      • DinosaurFaceOverlord

        Thank you for your prompt reply. My only worry is that the band I am in is currently offering a reward to be executive producer of the album we are creating for a one time lump sum, but we don’t want to cancel the E/P access to our page if they’re only making one payment. I’m not necessarily expecting this to happen, so I guess that bridge will be crossed once we get there.

        Thanks again.

        • Ellie MacBride

          Gotcha. In that case, I might suggest that after their payment processes, you let them know that they have the option of selecting a lower reward tier to continue to have access to the content you share with your patrons. Depending on their financial constraints, they may choose to remain your patron at the higher reward tier, but I’d bet they would appreciate the heads up that they won’t be receiving a second executive producer credit the following month if they do.

  • I know patrons can access previously published posts on my Patreon feed, but will my patrons be charged if they access an attachment (like a picture) from past feeds (from before they joined)?

  • tboston007

    Can I set it up so only certain posts get emailed to my patrons? In other words I make multiple posts in a month but only send one of them as an email post. I would like to post a lot of content on Patreon but avoid emailing someone every day or every other day. Thanks!

    • Ellie MacBride

      Hey there,

      This is a great idea but is not currently possible! That said, your patrons can change their own email preferences, so if there is any concern about frequency, you can always let them know that they have this option from within their account.

  • Regan Cerato

    My rewards are sorting alphabetically when I try to add them to my page. I would really like this to not be the case, and all of your examples show users’ pages where this does not happen. However for the life of me I can’t figure out how to re-sort. Am I missing something?

    • Ellie MacBride

      Hey Regan, rewards will always sort based on the monetary amount (not alphabet), so I’m guessing that it just appears to be alphabetical as well?

      If what you’re seeing sounds more like a bug, I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team using this short form:

  • Brian Fløe

    I’m trying to change the image on one of my rewards but Patreon keeps reverting the image back to a previous version?!!?
    I can add a different image with no problem, but if the image is similar to the previous, even if I change the file name, it just reverts back to the previous version and I can’t update the image.

    I’ve never seen such foolish behaviour anywhere on the internet. Is the thinking to somehow save disk space on the server? I’m left as a user unable to update my Reward image.

    Changing an image is one of the most simple features of the internet going back to the 90’s. I don’t understand how Patreon can fail at such a simple feature???

  • If a payment or payments are declined, is the patron cut off from viewing rewards until a payment clears?

  • Luke Chmilenko

    I have an odd question – I have a number of Patrons of my lowest tier – at $2 a month and I’m getting to the point where I want to raise that minimum to $3 a month, but not force those who have already subscribed away (or force them to pay more).

    Is there a way I can lock out or hide the $2/month tier (so no one new joins it) as I replace it with a new $3 tier?

    • Nik Geier

      I would try a limited-quantity “Early Bird Tier”, informing the group ahead-of-time so they can quickly sign up. Set the quantity to the exact number of existing pledgers. But it might be tricky. Good luck!

  • naijja

    How we remove the 1$ montly and put donnate what u want ?

  • Chauncey Yan

    I would like to see page view counter and post view counter. Is there a tool for it?

  • Ploni

    How much content (I’m a writer working on essays, books, etc.) to offer per reward?

    For instance, if I offer patrons rewards for $5 per month and $10 per month, what amount of content should/must I deliver to them?

  • Thea Hilberts

    Is it possible for your patrons to stream your music via the patreon app? this one is pretty important to me, and even though downloads are great, streaming is big these days & i haven’t found it on here yet