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The Creator Mindset Map — Glory

The Creator Mindset Map identifies, affirms, and validates the complex feelings and emotions creators juggle when bringing each project and every idea to fruition. Each of the core mindsets (Hope, Fear, Grit, and Glory) is natural and offers an opportunity for positive growth and personal or professional development. While some feelings are easier to manage than others, there isn’t a true hierarchy here. There’s no right or wrong, no beginning or end, just stages everyone experiences repeatedly, throughout their creative career. It’s okay for you to be wherever you are; we are in this, with you.

Curious about the other core mindsets? Explore Hope, Fear, and Grit.

The Glory Mindset

This is when it all feels worth it — you’ve launched your work to the public and it has been well-received. You feel proud of the outcome of all your grit, of pushing past the fear, of always keeping hope. This is your moment… feel it.

  • Glory has grit to thank for showing up, doing the work, and helping you reach your goals.
  • Glory is what happens when you keep hope alive, knowing that you, your idea and project have merit and will be appreciated by the right audience.
  • Glory laughs at fear’s shenanigans, knowing it has no control here. Glory recognizes that fear has a role to play for every creator and welcomes it, but does not give it any power.

The glory mindset is party central. Things are working! You feel confident and proud, your work is hitting with your audience and you feel like everything you do is successful. You have great ideas, and are clear on what to do next to bring projects to fruition. You draw your magic out easily. You find joy in your work. This is a happy place, and you can click along knowing what you’re making and contributing has value. You trust the right people will find you and love you. And you’re right. Glory offers an opportunity to celebrate all the work you’ve done and are doing. It’s also a time to recognize and thank your support system for helping you make things happen. This is the joyous place, and it’s absolutely okay to be here.

Picture this

If glory were a place, it would be a tropical coastline, with a limitless highway running alongside it. You could hop in a convertible and drive for miles, just coasting along, enjoying the view. The skies are blue, the sand is warm, and the water is crystal clear — all you have to do is decide how to revel in the beauty and joy. It’s an abundant place; you are given what you need and you get what you want. You can sit on the shore and exhale, here. The waves crashing on the rocks sound like applause, and you might even hear yourself whisper “I made it.” The little known secret about this place is that if you walk far enough in the sand you’ll find yourself in the desert of despair, worrying what’s next, so try to stay in the moment and let fear live on the other side of the shore. This is your time to breathe and bliss out. Celebrate arriving here, bring your friends and family along to bask in the sunlight. Soak up every glorious moment you get — you worked hard to be here.

You have permission to experience glory

🠆 You have permission to win big, however you define that.

🠆 You have permission to achieve your financial goals and make money from a creative career.

🠆 You have permission to be gleeful and have fun while making money and being seen.

🠆 You have permission to experience elation, and live a joyful and joyous life as a creator.

🠆 You have permission to for it to be easy, to find your footing and enjoy your creative career.

🠆 You have permission to cruise, and hang up the hustle for a while.

🠆 You have permission to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

🠆 You have permission to live the life you always dreamed of.

The stages of glory

The glory mindset is the sweet spot; here is where you see proof that your efforts have merit and that your work will pay off. Your audience loves your work, your show goes well, your book get published — glory is often tied to big accomplishments. But glory resides in seemingly smaller wins, too. Connecting with the right people is a glorious thing. Having fun creating your art, recording your podcast, writing your poetry is glorious. Finding ease in your work is glorious; waking up and feeling like you know what you’re doing is magnificent. Believing in yourself is part of that glorious flow, where the right decisions come easily and lead to more positive outcomes. Celebrate the good with your most supportive allies. You made it. You did it. We’re super happy for you. As you read through the stages below, as yourself if you’ve been there before, and if the stages sound familiar to you.


  • You can take a deep breath knowing that you’ve done all that you could, and your work is done for now
  • You’re floored by the reaction to all your hard work — your audience loves it
  • You’ve set the gears in motion and trust that the right thing is going to happen
  • You feel like everything is going to be OK


  • You’re no longer confused by the process or afraid of the next steps
  • You’re being propelled forward by all the appreciation for your efforts
  • You’re doing what you do best, and it’s showing
  • You’re inspired; it’s getting easier and easier to stay motivated

Blissing Out

  • You hit your stride; each day it feels like you’re hitting a new milestone
  • You’re doing better than you ever did in the “real world” (Hiiiii, haters)
  • You’re reaching your goals; maybe you landed a record deal, got an agent, an acting job, or saw your audience grow
  • You feel like celebrating and thanking yourself and those around you

Prepare for glory

Let’s dream big together, okay? Even if you aren’t in a glorious place right now, why not get ready for it? Glory is part of the creative process and it bubbles up multiple times throughout one’s career. The best way to welcome glory is to plan for it, and and plant those seeds that will help you surrender to a bit of sweetness, ease, and celebration. Answer these questions to best prepare yourself for the next time you find yourself in the glory mindset.

  1. How do I feel about being here?

  2. Will it make me feel better or worse to stay here for a bit longer?

  3. Do I need to be here or can I give myself permission to move on?

  4. How can I best use my time here? What should I do while here?

  5. What can I learn by being here?

  6. Who should I spend time with when I’m experiencing glory? Who can I count on to be supportive?

  7. What habits do I have when I’m in this space, what behaviors do I seem to correlate to glory?

  8. If I like being in glory, what are some things I can do to stay here longer?

  9. If I want to move out of glory, what is one small step I can take today to get going?

  10. What’s a good anchor for me when I find myself in glory? Is it a song, a piece of art, an affirmation, a person? What or who can I count on to remind me that this is a temporary stage and that it’s okay to be here?

Glory is universal

Remember, glory is a universal experience, though it comes in many forms. Why you’re feeling a certain way is unique to your experience, but what you’re feeling is likely a common emotion among other creative people. The odds are another creator is going through something similar to you right now, reading these words, acknowledging the same hopes and fears, and leaning into the grit in pursuit of glory. You’re not alone, and you’re allowed to feel the way you do. We’re in this, with you.

Stay tuned for more advice on what to do when you find yourself in a glory mindset.