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The Creator Mindset Map

Creativity takes courage. A creative life is akin to a hero’s journey, where your mission is to share your personal brand of magic with the world...over and over and over again. It’s thrilling. It’s daunting. It’s complicated.

The Creator Mindset Map identifies universal experiences —Hope, Fear, Grit, Gloryand offers affirmation, inspiration, and guidance along the way. It’s okay to be exactly where you are; we’re in this with you.

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Things feel hopeful — you’re optimistic about your work or a brand new project. You know your idea has validity and, yes, you’re nervous, but more so excited to share it with the world.
  • You’ve just launched on Patreon.
  • Maybe you’ve already launched, but you just released a new album, video, book, painting, or new work to your patrons.
  • Have you just kicked off a limited-time campaign or special offer?
  • You’re focused on promotion, posting on socials, sending newsletters.
  • Press, podcasts, conventions, radio appearances, and touring are your daily life.
  • You stay in an optimistic state while working on your craft, networking with other creators, and messaging with patrons.
  • No matter how bumpy the path may be, you just keep doing the next thing on your list - always.
  • You’ve decided how to engage with fans and patrons, and you’re sticking to it.
  • You’re in a good place with your marketing efforts and things are moving along.

Sound familiar?


Has it started to feel like too much? Are you coming down off the high of launching something and facing the reality of needing to do it again and again? This is where fear sets in.
  • You take stock of what you’ve done, and wonder what to do next.
  • There might be a boat docked here where you’re debating hopping in and sailing away into a new life that doesn’t involve this creative endeavor.
  • Are you feeling like you’ll never be able to top what you’ve already accomplished?
  • Does it feel like nothing is working and everything just got harder?
  • Do you feel lost or alone?
  • The things you’ve been trying just haven’t been working.
  • You see success in the distance, but it feels too far off to reach.
  • Are you still searching for an idea that gets you moving forward again?
  • Your new ideas are taunted by your worst critic: yourself.
  • You’re committed to your idea, but the ground is dissolving beneath you.
  • This is where your inner demons try to stop you.
  • Are you stuck worrying if your idea is still worth it?

Know the feeling?


The fear has passed for now, and you’re ready to attempt another project. You always knew your idea had merit, but you were just too burnt out to make it happen. It’s time to put yourself out there again.
  • This is the work, and this is what it takes to bring that new idea to a place where you’re proud enough to share it with others.
  • The hours are long, and each day feels longer than the last.
  • Your idea is taking root, and you’re curious enough to sit with it and consider just how far you could go with it.
  • You’re starting to survey the road ahead and planning for all the work that’ll be necessary.
  • This idea has really taken hold of you, and you’re excitedly mulling over all the possibilities.
  • Maybe this idea could be a life-changing one?
  • You’re consumed with how happy this project could make you and further your career or personal development.
  • No one can talk you out of this idea.
  • Your project is no longer just an abstract dream, and you’re ready to get to work.
  • Did you just decide to do the work?!
  • Yep, and we’re not leaving room to go back on it.

Is this you?


This is when it all feels worth it — you’ve launched your work to the public and it has been well-received. You feel proud of the outcome of all your grit, of pushing past the fear, of always keeping hope. This is your moment… feel it.
  • You can take a deep breath knowing that you’ve done all that you could, and your work is done.
  • You’re floored by the reaction to all your hard work — your audience loves it.
  • The gears are in motion, and everything is going to be OK.
  • You’re no longer confused by the process or afraid of the next steps.
  • You’re being propelled forward by all the appreciation for your efforts.
  • It’s getting easier and easier to stay motivated—you’re doing what you do best, and it’s showing.
  • Each day feels like you’re hitting a new milestone.
  • You’re doing better than you ever did in the “real world” (Hiiiii, haters).
  • Maybe you landed a record deal, got an agent, an acting job, or saw your audience grow.
  • Party central! Thank yourself and those around you!

Does this hit home?

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