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Deciding Whether You’d Like to Charge Monthly or “Per Creation”

One of the hottest topics among creators as they set up their Patreon pages is how, exactly, to charge patrons. Here at Patreon U, we’re asking successful creators how they do it, and look forward to sharing that insight with you soon.

For now, so you can get started right away, it’s important to note that there are two core payment structures from which to choose: “per creation” or monthly. This article does a great deep-dive into the various ways to charge patrons, but we’ll be honest - charging monthly is the preferred practice among creators. It’s the simplest option to explain to patrons and has a history of proving financially beneficial. When we checked the data from Spring 2017 and Spring 2018, we saw that creators who charged monthly earned upwards of 40% more than creators who charged per creation.

The way you charge your patrons needs to feel good to you and your audience. We know these can seem like challenging decisions, and are eager to hear from successful creators who are making a good creative living, regardless of charging monthly or per creation. Stay tuned for more case studies and best practices regarding charging patrons.

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