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Did you get the Message? New Messaging Redesign Is In Your Inbox!

Rejoice: you can now message your patrons with ease!

Sending messages to your patrons shouldn’t be stressful, and to be honest… our old messaging featured just kinda stunk. Get ready to spend less time stressing and more time creating: We’ve completely redesigned your messaging experience.

If you’re a creator with a large patron base, you know how hard it is to keep up with messages from your patrons, send out rewards, and respond to requests from your fans through the existing messaging feature.

With the new messaging design, messages between you and your patrons will act more like conversations than individual notes, allowing you to easily respond to important threads without having to send out a search party to find them.

The new left-side pane acts as your direct inbox, showing you which messages are awaiting your reply, while the right-pane will show an expanded view of any conversations you click into.

Sending out a mass message to a large number of your patrons through your Patron Manager? Now, any replies from your patrons will populate the original conversation, rather than creating an entirely new thread.

This new workflow will help you keep responses in the same place, even if you sent the message to thousands of your biggest fans.

We know that as a creator, you want to be able to have personal interactions with every one of your patrons, which isn’t always easy when your inbox is flooded. We hope that this new messaging workflow will help you keep a handle on your community without taking you away from your work.

Like it? Hate it? Have an idea for how to make it better? Comment below or send us a note through the Help Center!