A secure new way to share podcast feeds on Patreon, with Acast.

The ability to share exclusive content on Patreon is a game-changer for both podcast creators and their listeners. That’s why this community is one of the largest and fastest growing on Patreon, inspiring podcasters everywhere to change the way their creativity is valued.

Today, Patreon is taking a big step forward for the podcast community with the launch of our integration with Acast, the world’s biggest podcast company. From now on, as podcasters on Patreon you get even more opportunities to grow your membership, an improved way to share bonus content with patrons, and advanced insights on how your content is consumed.

I love the Acast integration! The analytics let me know that patrons ARE listening to the content and give me clear insight into exactly what and how they’re consuming. It’s secure and easy for patrons to get set up, and the fact that there is only one link to share makes it simple for listeners to find the content and brings new patrons to our membership!” – Sleep With Me

Exclusive content for your most loyal listeners

Whether your bonus episodes cover current true crimes as they unfold, feature Bachelor-obsessed celebrity guests or hold secrets from all corners of the Potterverse, sharing episodes that are only for your patrons just got a lot easier.

Deliver secure, patron-only podcast feeds: Copy-paste RSS feeds aren’t secure. With the new Acast integration–using Acast’s proprietary “Access” technology–patrons receive a highly secure and unique RSS feed, so that your exclusive content stays exclusive.

Access advanced analytics: Acast’s analytics give you clear and detailed insights into how many listens your patron-only content is getting, and how listeners are engaging with it. “Because of Patreon’s integration with Acast, we know what our patrons are listening to, how long they are listening and even what other podcasts they’re listening to! It’s a game changer in creating a marketing strategy to reach as many patrons as possible. Patreon was already fantastic, but combined with the security of Acast’s RSS feed… it’s fabulous!” – 90 Day Gays


Acast analytics
Acast’s advanced analytics for your bonus content.


Enable your patrons to listen wherever they want: Your patrons can enjoy their exclusive Patreon content wherever they listen to their podcasts. If an app supports secure RSS feeds, it’s covered: Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Downcast, Podcast Addict, the Acast app, Stitcher, podtail, Podbay, Podbean, OwlTail and more.

Easily convert listeners to patrons: Who doesn’t love a chance to make new friends along the way. When you link to your Patreon membership directly from your public episode notes, your new patrons are seamlessly guided back into their listening experience once they’ve joined.

Best of all, our integration with Acast can do all of this without any interruption for your patrons.

How can I start sharing a secure RSS feed with my patrons today?


Patreon x Acast laptop and phone light
An easy to use dashboard to manage your secure, patron-only episodes.


To start using Acast for free today, enable the integration here.

You can join Acast for free, enabling you to manage your Patreon RSS feed and tier permissions within Acast.

You can bring your public show over to Acast, and manage both your public and private feeds from the same place, by signing up for one of their paid plans here. To celebrate this exciting partnership, Acast is offering 50% off their Influencer Plan to the first 1,000 creators who sign up with code: create-with-acast. Tell your friends!

For detailed instructions on how to use this new integration, check out this support article and the Acast overview in our App Directory.