Welcome Woody & Kleiny: The UK’s beloved social media duo launch on Patreon

Words and interview by Daniel Cole 

They are one of the biggest social media sensations of the modern era. Providing a constant source of entertainment through their unique brand of hijinks, pranks, and comedy, British social media stars Woody and Kleiny notch up millions of views at a time with their weekly online videos.

After making their mark in 2009 on Britain’s Got Talent, Paul Wood and Paul Klein, aged 19 and 17 respectively at their time of audition, suddenly found themselves with the skills to create entertainment skits for the world at large. It was only when Paul Klein was involved in a sporting accident, that the two friends decided they would move on to create their own branded content across multiple social media platforms.

With a huge following on YouTube and Instagram, Woody and Kleiny have amassed millions of engaged subscribers, along with a reputation for being some of the most prestigious content creators around. Amongst their countless online videos are series and themes that see the two performers, along with a regular cast of companions, perform viral challenges, absurd games, and ludicrous tricks.

Additionally, they have started their own clothing line, LUC (‘Let Us Create’), a statement that embolsters their creative vision.  In 2019, Woody and Kleiny also released their own book, The Social Struggle: How We Took Over the Internet. Beyond the social media world, the pair have been gaining wider recognition, appearing on TV shows such as Celebrity Coach Trip, and working with the globally popular programme I’m A Celebrity. Together with indie band The Hoosiers, they even released a single for the UEFA Euro 2020 football championships, which reached #2 on the UK iTunes Charts.

However, the only format the duo haven’t expanded into has been the realm of podcasting. That is until now. Working alongside Patreon, Woody and Kleiny will launch WAK Chat – their self-proclaimed “world’s worst podcast”. This series of conversations and features offers an intimate and entertaining look into their daily lives and work processes, allowing listeners to get closer access to the duo’s inner workings.

Woody and Kleiny’s Patreon launches with two tier offerings. The first tier (£4) grants Patrons seven day early access to an ad-free version of their new podcast, and a monthly bonus episode. Patrons will also receive a monthly behind-the-scenes video, in addition to a ten percent discount on the LUC fashion line. Tier 2 Patrons (£7) will have access to additional video content and a monthly live-stream hangout with Woody and Kleiny, in addition to regular package giveaways.

Coinciding with their Patreon launch, we sat down with the two social media celebrities to discuss their work to date, and what they’re looking forward to the most with the release of their new podcast.


How do you best describe what you both do?

It kind of evolves. The key thing that we’ve said from the beginning is that we make sure to stay as current as we possibly can. And that takes a lot of adapting, knowing what’s out there and what’s working. To cut it down short and sweet though, we’re an entertainment duo. 


What are the secrets to gaining such a strong following?

One of the most important things for us is that we never gave up. We were creating content for five years before we even had any success. It could have been really easy for us to throw in the towel. As long as you believe in what you’re doing and the content you’re creating, you’ll get some success. You have to keep at it and keep digging away. For us, what people don’t see is the five years of grind.

When any new platform came up, we would jump in on it. We’re constantly adapting our content to each platform. It’s important for creators to be everywhere, and post their content across all platforms. We just make sure we post across everything and get as much content out there as we can.


In terms of content, how do you plan what you’re going to do?

It’s a real mix, to be honest. Sometimes we’ll sit down and have a creative session with our team and bounce ideas. If it’s games-related stuff we need to bash our heads together, and sometimes we need to do research. If, for instance, I want to prank Kleiny, it makes sense to make sure he has no idea.

It comes in so many weird and wonderful ways, and then you end up going to shoot it and it ends up blowing up and doing really well. But then you could be sitting there, you shoot it and it falls flat on its face, but that’s just part of the creative process. 

There is a kind of formula there, but you never really know if something will go viral or not. You just have to create content that you have a massive passion for, and hope that the rest will take care of itself.


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One of your more successful video series is the ‘Can it Swim’ challenge. How many mobile phones did you lose during the shooting of these?

It wasn’t just phones! It was wallets, trainers, all sorts. But yeah, we’ve lost a few phones over the years.

Back then when we shot those videos, phones weren’t waterproof, whereas nowadays they are.


Why are you now launching a podcast?

We’ve been wanting to launch a podcast for years, but never found the right moment to do it. When Patreon came around, it felt like the perfect opportunity. 

The podcast is called WAK Chat. It’s just going to be myself, Woody, and our manager Darrell. The first podcast will just be a review of the year, it’s going to be pretty chilled, and provide an insight into our production. 

We’re going to really find our feet as we grow. That’s the thing with our podcast, even though we have plans for our episodes, it will quite quickly be led by our fans, as it is as much theirs as it is ours. 

The amazing thing about Patreon is that people who are highly successful there have a really strong fanbase. And in the end, it’s about listening to your fans and listening to what they want to see and hear. 

It just allows us to get that much closer to our fans than we already are, and we just want to give them as much control as possible.


What will the schedule be?

It will be two podcasts a month, one of which will be a bonus podcast for members.


What else have you got lined up with Patreon?

We’re doing two behind-the-scenes videos a month as well, which will provide further detail into how we shoot the videos, and our daily lives. We’re also going to be doing livestream hangouts and doing competitions where we’ll give clothing away from our own fashion line, our own books. And, for the first month, we’ll be doing an iPhone give-away where everyone who signs up will automatically be entered into a raffle to win.

We’re super excited to bring this to Patreon. It gives us a chance to create content that isn’t just for an algorithm. For us, it’s all about the community, and that’s what we love about Patreon. We really want to get an even bigger bond with our followers and fans and let them have their say.

We’ve never done anything like this before, and working with Patreon feels like the right thing to do. There’s real value for money. The people who got us to where we are now are the people that have followed our journey. We want to make sure we continue to give them what we’ve always given them. Now we’re in a position where we can dedicate a lot of time and energy into something that is different, exclusive, and can benefit everyone. It’s transparent, and everyone can see that and appreciate it.


And your plans for the future?

As always, we just look to grow and keep that growth up. We’re nowhere near where we want to be, and hopefully in the future we can expand to more areas, including TV.