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Five new features to help you better connect with your patrons

Not to be dramatic or anything, but Patreon exists to make your life as a creator better. Specifically, we’re building the best tools for you to run your membership business and lead a long-term creative career.

Surfacing your feedback has been the most important way for us to continue improving your experience on Patreon. We learned a lot from your input and we designated a team of engineers and designers to focus on capabilities that can have an immediate impact on how you run your membership business.

Some of your biggest pain points:

  1. Navigating the important information about your patrons
  2. Finding ways to stay organized and save time while running your business

Here are some of the highly requested updates we’ve released this spring that help you learn more about your patrons and stay organized:

Quickly recognize your patrons

Your relationship with your patrons is the most important part of your membership business. Our new search feature makes it easy for you to look up patrons by their name or email address, then quickly grab the info you’re looking for.

And because our Discord integration is so popular, we’ve now made it possible to look up your patrons by their Discord handle. More social media handles will be added in the coming months to help you identify your patrons across all platforms.

You can find this new feature by clicking “Patrons” in your left-hand navigation bar.

Stay in touch with your broader Patreon community

We know that you’re the expert on running your unique, creative business. In effort to help you unlock more useful data, we added a filtering option to easily find your followers and former patrons.

We believe access to your followers and former patrons will help you gain a better understanding of your broader Patreon community — whether it’s your followers who are interested in becoming a patron, or former patrons whom you’d like to thank.

You can access your list of followers and former patrons by clicking on the “Membership types” drop-down menu in the Patron Relationship Manager.

Keep your communities safe

One of the most highly requested updates was a way to access or edit your blocked users on Patreon. Your feedback helped us realize how important this list is for managing your communities. You now have the ability to access and make changes to your list of blocked users via your Settings page.

Find your patrons’ max charges per month

If you’re charging your patrons “per thing”, you may be curious to know their monthly maximum limit (the number of creations each patron offers to pay for each month). This data may inform decisions you make about your content release schedule.

You can now view your patrons maximum limit in your monthly CSV download in the Patron Relationship Manager. Just click “Patrons” in your left hand navigation bar, then select “Relationship Manager” and click the CSV button.  

Organize your posts faster with tags auto-complete

Simple, but useful; your tags will now auto-complete! We were very excited to address this request, as it helps you stay organized and your patrons find what they’re looking for.

What’s next on the list?

We’re tackling a laundry list of these small improvements to make your experience on Patreon increasingly better. Want to share your suggestions? Tune in to our next hang time and join the conversation.

We hope these changes improve your experience on Patreon and help you grow your creative business. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon!

To check out the new updates first-hand: take me to Patreon.