Geniuslink to Acquire Assets

Last year, Patreon acquired Kit, and in the process brought over an active community of creators and a rock star team that has been focused on building out the Patreon Merch Product. Patreon Merch is now live as we’ve rolled out Merch for Membership, a product which takes the headache out of offering physical rewards to patrons; Patreon handles the shipping, tracking, and support logistics of the unique merch creators can customize and send to their patrons.

While thinking about the next phase in Kit’s lifecycle, it’s important to us that Patreon always puts creators first. As Patreon continues to double down on offering stellar membership experiences, we want to make sure Kit creators continue to be able to monetize affiliate links in the ways that make the most sense for Kit. In order for both companies to achieve our goals, Geniuslink will acquire Kit assets.

We were introduced to Geniuslink through the team at Kit; they have integrated with the Kit product for years, and are also staunchly committed to doing right by creators. It’s time for the next step in Kit’s lifecycle as Geniuslink will be acquiring the Kit assets from Patreon to ensure Kit continues to grow, thrive, and help creators. We are really excited for this handover, since many creators on Kit are already customers of Geniuslink.

The team at Geniuslink will be doing more than just maintaining the site; they will be stepping in to run user support, adding more features and capabilities to Kit, and improving infrastructure — all to bring more revenue to creators. We’re thrilled to see such a creator-first partnership solidified.