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Here’s What Happened in October’s Episode of Hang Time…

Welcome to October’s Hang Time recap! Every month, Patreon CEO Jack Conte joins with brand marketing expert Taryn Arnold, as well as other Patreon staff and creators, to bring you the latest on news and events happening in our community.

The livestream is always helpful and fun to watch — ya know, live. But time-strapped creatives can get a quick overview of what was covered in this blog post.

Here’s what happened during Hang Time in October…

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We love to hear what’s going on between you and your patrons. To kick off Hang Time, Jack and Taryn asked creators to share a cool experience they’ve had between them and a patron, whether digitally or in the real world. We heard so many heartfelt stories from creators and the connections they’ve made, and it gave us lots of feels, so thank you for that.

If you like sharing or hearing stories about what it’s like to be a creator, you don’t have to wait for Hang Time — check out our Patreon Discord, and start chatting with other creators today.

To hear Jack and Taryn talk to creators about patron connections, check out the 00.50 mark of Hang Time.

ThankYouPatrons Day is coming up!

Thank you Patrons 2018

This November 19th, take part in our annual #ThankYouPatrons day, an event where creators get to express their appreciation for the patrons — after all, where would we be without them?

And how do you take part in this event? On November 19th, use the hashtag #ThankYouPatrons on social media and say thanks to all your special patrons.

Last year, we saw creators participate in tons of different ways (see the highlights here), and this year, we can’t wait to see it happen again. Taryn had some great ideas on how you can thank your patrons — if you only have a few minutes to spare, how about a quick shout out tweet? Or, if you have more time to spare, why not write them a special song or sketch?

Learn all about this opportunity to show your patrons some gratitude at the 06.50 mark of Hang Time.

Relive Patreon Assembly

Patreon Assembly may have happened on November 2nd, but the fun doesn’t have to be over. We recorded the whole thing, so if you missed it, or you just want to relive it, you can watch the event here. You’ll see talks with guests like Issa Rae, Killer Mike, Hannah Hart, Patton Oswalt, Maria Menounos, Jack Conte, Whitney Cummings, and more.

Listen as the team discusses Patreon Assembly at the 09.40 mark of Hang Time.

Wyatt update #1: learn about Patreon’s product principles


Wyatt Jenkins, Patreon’s Head of Product, came by Hang Time to talk about Patreon’s product principles, those philosophies that guide us through our decisions and processes as we build cool stuff for you and your patrons.

Here’s the thing — Patreon is building so many things for creators. And with all those projects, and experiments, things can get a little chaotic.

Que our product principles. These are the guiding tenets that underpin everything we do here at Patreon to help creators get paid. To learn what works best for creators, we have to try new things as a company, and by following these principles, we can be sure that we are doing so thoughtfully, carefully, and in a well organized manner.

We don’t want to spoil Wyatt’s blog post, so if you want to know more, check that out here.

Or, listen to Wyatt talk about Patreon’s product principles at the 16:10 mark of Hang Time.

Wyatt update #2: appreciate your new patrons

IRL, we know that first impressions are important. But what about when a fan first becomes your patron? Does their first experience with your Patreon affect how long they’ll stick around?

According to Wyatt, that first month of being a patron really matters. Our research shows that if you make a great first impression with a patron, they are more likely to be a member of your Patreon for a longer amount of time.

Since first impressions are so important to patrons, we’ve made some improvements to your Thank You page, that feature that allows you to send a personal message to patrons when they join your Patreon. Now, when your patrons receive your thank you message, they will also get information on where they can find the benefits you offered them. And since we made those changes, we’ve seen a 5 percent decrease in patron churn.

It’s a small tweak, but we’re excited about the results!

To hear Wyatt talk about the Thank You page, check out the 24:30 mark of Hang Time.

Wyatt update #3: reward your loyal patrons with merch

03 blog-premium-merch

Merch in photo courtesy of Beleaf in Fatherhood

Back in May, we launched Merch for Membership, an awesome product that makes it easy to give out custom and exclusive patron-only merch. Just pick the item, upload your design, assign it to a tier, and leave the rest to us.

We’re super excited about Merch for Membership and what it can do for creators and patrons. It’s an early-stage product that’s still undergoing development and improvement to ensure that it’s the best feature for all creators. Because of that, we’re launching it with a small group of creators, so we can test things as we go. Currently, it has limited availability, but in the future, we’re going to open it up to more creators.

Scaling a product for mass release is all about steps. So, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made another big step towards making Merch for Membership available to more creators: Patreon just launched international shipping (Canada and Australia)! Now, patrons who live in countries outside of the USA can get merch from participating creators.

And there’s more good news. We’ve been able to drop the prices of some merchandise items available: stickers are $3 cheaper, and mugs are $2 cheaper (and soon to come, t-shirts).

To see if you’re eligible for merch, check out your Edit Tiers page.

To hear Wyatt talk about updates to merch, including the launch of T-shirts coming soon, check out the 31:16 mark of Hang TIme.

New developments from Ursula

Helping you Get and Keep More Patrons, Part 1

Last month, Patreon product manager Ursula Sage dropped by Hang Time to talk about some changes to your creator page. Ursula is on the fan conversion team, which has the awesome role of building things that help you better turn curious fans into loyal patrons.

One of the biggest developments her and her team have been working on is making your Patreon page better. Currently, your Patreon page has to serve two audiences — your patrons and your fans who have not yet signed up. And both of those audiences want different things.

To make that experience better for patrons and fans, Ursula and her team have been experimenting with making a Patreon page that is just for your fans.

To get some updates on that project from Ursula, check out the 37:53 mark of Hang Time.

Hang Time Q&A

Just before signing off, our hosts took a few questions from the Patreon community.

One of the questions was, how do I make a Special Offer that really connects with my audience?

Jack’s advice was this: there are two things that really make a Special Offer pop. First, have a clear beginning and end date to your Special Offer. Doing this creates urgency, which is one of the main reasons Special Offers are so powerful in getting patrons to join your Patreon.

The second tip Jack had for running a Special Offer: spend some time thinking about what it is that your fans really want, whether that’s limited edition merch or early access to your content. To get some ideas, check out our blog titled, What to offer with your Special Offer.

The community also asked two other questions, one relating to the landing page experiment, and the other relating to Patreon’s plans for going international.

To learn about those topics, and about Special Offers, check out the full Q&A with Jack, Taryn, and Wyatt at the 52:08 mark of Hang Time.

See you next Hang Time, on November 15th

If you enjoyed this blog post, you’re going to love the livestream. Subscribe here to watch November’s Hang Time live on Friday, November 15th. Also, if you want to be more involved in the Patreon Community, sign up for the Patreon Community Forum. We’ll see you there!

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