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Here’s what happened in June’s episode of Hang Time…

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Hang Time, our monthly live stream, is hosted by Patreon CEO Jack Conte and our own Taryn Arnold. On Hang Time, you’ll hear about cool stuff coming down the pipeline, as well as new product releases. Plus, it’s a chance for the entire Patreon ecosystem (creators, patrons, Patreon staff, etc) to get to know each other better.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch June’s episode of Hang Time, don’t stress — we capture some of its key moments in this blog article.

Here’s what happened during Hang Time in June…

Check out the Hang Time studio’s new digs

Grey backdrop, you served us well on previous episodes of Hang Time. But now, Jack and Taryn are sitting in front of a brand new, colorful backdrop, with fixtures and a hanging plant. Also, we upgraded our lighting to better illuminate our hosts, and we added an itty-bitty production room for our producer (and IT engineer) Steven Pringle, so the studio is just a tad less cramped.

In Taryn’s words, Pringle used to sit “right here — in our face, which is amazing, I love Pringle, but you could hear the hum and you could see his face. So now he’s right over there in a new, little baby room, and it’s fun.”

You can watch Jack and Taryn get stoked about the Hang Time new studio around the :25 minute mark of Hang Time.

Want to hang with Patreon in person?

We recently made it out to the East Coast for meet-ups in Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Washington DC. If you went to one of those meet-ups, thanks for coming out. We enjoyed getting to know everyone (and eating all of the delicious food in the city you live in).

If you weren’t able to come, or don’t live close to those meet-up locations, there will be more to come. Subscribe to our events calendar to stay in the loop about future meet-ups in a city near you.

You can watch Taryn talk about Patreon meet-ups around the 5:16 minute mark of Hang Time.

Celebrate pride with us!

In celebration of Pride month, Taryn and Jack want to see your works! If you’re an LBGTQ creator, share your art with the world using the #LGBTQcreators hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Or, if you’re an ally, use that hashtag to give a shout out to your favorite LBGTQ creators. We can’t wait to see what you share.

To watch this section of Hang Time, head over to the 6:00 minute mark.

What’s New, you ask?

We’re always improving Patreon by fixing bugs, building new features, and updating existing ones. It’s important to us that you know about what we do behind the scenes to make Patreon better. That way, not only will you be aware of any changes we make to Patreon, you’ll also be able to learn about new features that we’re excited about.

So, to help you keep track of changes we make to Patreon, we created the What’s New tab, which you can find in the bottom left corner of your creator page.

What's new tab gif

In the words of Jack, when you click the What’s New tab, “you’ll get this rolling, wonderful list of all the new things that are awesome, and wonderful about Patreon.”

Check out the What’s New tab today and get a glimpse at what we’ve been working on.

You can watch Jack talk about the What’s new tab at the 7:00 minute mark of Hang Time. (Also, be sure to stick around to the end for a special song by Taryn and Jack)

The mobile audio experience just got way better

A bunch of creators gave us feedback that there were some problems with our mobile audio player. We know how important it is for your patrons to be able to easily listen to your content, so we’re sorry for any issues you’ve faced.

The good news is, because of all your feedback, we were able to fix it up the mobile audio player to improve your patrons’ listening experience. Here’s a list of the improvements we made to the player on Android and iOS:

  • We fixed up the slider, so now patrons can easily fast-forward or rewind.
  • When a patron’s phone goes to sleep, the player now saves your patrons’ progress, so they can pick up where they left off.
  • We fixed some bugs for the play/pause icons and timestamps.
  • When applicable, patrons can now download audio content from the Patreon app and listen to it on any audio player.
  • Artwork now displays when audio is playing.

Check out the improvements we’ve made to our mobile audio player today. Or, if you haven’t downloaded the Patreon app, you can download that here.

You can watch Jack talk about the updates to the mobile audio feature at the 9:00 mark of Hang Time.

Trust and Safety C@2x

Why we don’t allow raffles on Patreon (and what you could offer your patrons instead)

We love how inventive our creators are when coming up with new and exciting ways to add value to their creator pages. However, to keep Patreon safe for everyone, there are some rules as to what kinds of benefits creators are allowed to run on Patreon.

One question we get from creators a lot is, why aren’t raffles allowed on Patreon? Basically, games of chance (like raffles, sweepstakes, and giveaways) aren’t allowed on Patreon to protect creators who live in countries or states where raffles aren’t legal.

Jacqueline Hart, Patreon’s Head of Trust and Safety, stopped by Hang Time to chat with Jack and Taryn about raffles. Here are a couple alternatives she suggested to running raffles that are allowed under Patreon’s Terms of Use.

  • Don’t leave it up to chance: To run a contest with your patrons, the winner has to be chosen by some other factor besides chance.
  • Leave the contest open to everyone: You can run a raffle on Patreon as long as it is open to everyone, not just your patrons.

For a more complete write up on this topic (and more benefit ideas to offer your patrons), check out our recent Trust and Safety article, “Patreon’s stance on raffles, lotteries and giveaways.”

If you want to hear Jack’s entire conversation with Jacqueline, you can listen to that at the 11:00 minute mark of Hang Time.

See ya next time!

If you want to hear Jack and Taryn answer questions from the Hang Time community, be sure to listen to the entire episode (which you can find at the top of this blog post).

The Hang Time Q&A starts around the 18:00 minute mark of this episode.

And, if you enjoyed Hang Time, check out our Crowdcast site, where you can find out about future episodes (and view past ones that you may have missed). Also, if you prefer reading Hang Time instead of watching it, you check out the rest of our Hang Time blog articles here.