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Here's what happened in May's episode of Hang Time...

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Hang Time is Patreon’s monthly live stream, which serves to close the gap between us and you — the creator. In every episode, you’ll find tips on running your membership business from the people who build Patreon. Plus, you’ll get a chance to learn about new and upcoming Patreon features, and more.

Here’s what happened during Hang Time in May...


We launched new creator plans

May 2019 marked Patreon’s 6th birthday! To celebrate, we launched new creator plans so that Patreon can better serve creators no matter where they are in their careers.

In this episode of Hang Time, Patreon CEO Jack Conte and our own Taryn Arnold give a quick overview of the new creator plans. Here’s what they had to say:

Patreon Lite: In our research, we found that many of our creators weren’t interested in Patreon’s more robust membership features, like being able to run Special Offers or have multiple tiers. That’s why we created Lite, a quick and easy way to unlock the power of membership for your creative business.

If you’d like to know more about Patreon Lite, check out the blog article, “Wondering about Patreon Lite and how to use it?”

Patreon Pro: This is our flagship membership plan. It has all the tools you need to build your membership business, including Special Offers, multiple tiers, our full suite of app integrations, and so much more.

To see how membership can help you foster a deeper level of connection with your fans, check out Patreon Pro today.

Patreon Premium: We created Patreon Premium for established creators and media businesses who need a higher level of service, and more advanced features for their large scale operations. With Premium, you’ll gain access to a Dedicated Partner Manager, an in-house, Patreon expert who can talk you through the ins and outs of membership. Plus, you’ll get Merch for Membership, which makes sending merch to your most loyal patrons a walk in the park.

To learn more about how Patreon Premium can help take your creative business to the next level, check out the article, “What can Patreon Premium do for my creative business?

Is there a certain tier on your creator page that you really want your fans to check out? Or, maybe you’d like to tell your patrons about a brand new tier, but you aren’t sure what’s the best way to get that message out to them.

Over the past few months, our engineers have been in the lab cooking up ways to help you better promote individual tiers. One idea they’re exploring is a “featured tier,” which would give you the ability to — you guessed it — feature a tier on your creator page.

George Bonner, one of our engineers on Patreon’s Creator Revenue team, dropped by Hang Time to chat with Jack about the idea and get feedback from the community.

Check out their full conversation around the 15:00 minute mark of Hang Time.


Patreon Terms Refresh

Patreon has undergone a ton of changes since its inception 6 years ago.

So, to better capture where Patreon as a company is today, we recently launched a new Policies page.

Weston Dombroski dropped by Hang Time to talk with Jack about the new Policies page. If you are a regular reader of the Trust and Safety blog series, you may already know Weston. He’s written about many issues for the series, including online piracy, and he’s also on Patreon’s legal team.

In a collaboration with Patreon’s design team, Weston and the legal team worked hard to make and present policy that, in his words, “is human readable, not just lawer readable.”

In addition to that sweet, new Policies page, we’ve updated and clarified our terms to better capture our membership services. Also, we’ve created new policies to cover areas where creators have asked for more clarity.

Check out their full conversation around the 23:00 minute mark of Hang Time.

New Pro and Premium feature alert: two new ways to customize your creator page

Patreon recently launched two new features that allow you to give your creator page a makeover.

Say goodbye to orange buttons on your creator page

Unless you love orange — then, please, feel free to keep your buttons orange. The point is, to better reflect your artistic brand, Pro and Premium creators can now change the color of the buttons on their creator pages.

To do that, head over to your creator page and click that pencil on your admin sidebar. Then, on the “About Page” tab, scroll down to the section titled “Custom brand color,” and boom — all the colors of the rainbow are yours. Or, follow along with the video tutorial below.

customize button tutorial

You can now hide your patron count

You spoke, and we listened. Some creators told us they wanted the ability to hide their patron count from public view. Not everyone felt comfortable having that information public, which we thought was good feedback.

Full disclosure: In some cases, having your patron count set to public can help build the momentum of your membership business, which could attract future patrons. Still, we want you to have the option to choose, one way or the other.

If you think it’s the right move for your creative business, you can hide your patron count on your creator page by going to the “About” tab under “Edit Page.” Scroll down to the section titled, “Patronage Visibility,” and you’ll see your options.

If you want to hear Jack and Taryn's full conversation about these new Patreon features, you can find it at around the 29:40 mark of Hang Time.

Creator-led Workshops

Laura Benson is kind of a celebrity around these parts. She’s the host of Patreon Workshops, a live streamed show where creators and our staff discuss everything Patreon, from tips and tricks to grow your membership business to cultural topics that affect creators.

Laura dropped by Hang Time to announce a new live stream titled. “Creator-led Workshops.” Who knows what issues affect creators better than creators, right? So, in this series, Laura will be talking to creators like you to gain valuable insight into how they manage their creative careers. They’ll discuss useful topics, such as “How to not waste your money on Facebook/Instagram ads,” and much more.

The first two Creator-led workshops are available to all Patreon creators, but future episodes will only be available to Pro and Premium creator plans.

Check out Laura and Jack's full conversation around the 33:35 minute mark of Hang Time.

See you in June!

We hope May’s Hang Time was as informative for you as it was fun for us to produce. Make sure you mark your calendars for the next one by checking out our Crowdcast channel. Until then, keep creating and see you soon!