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Here’s what happened in September's episode of Hang Time…

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Welcome to September’s Hang Time recap! Every month, Patreon CEO Jack Conte and brand marketing expert Taryn Arnold highlight all the news, events and announcements they think creators should know about.

The live stream also features interviews with Patreon staff and creators like you. But don’t worry if you missed it because our handy recaps will keep you informed and up to date.

Here’s what happened during Hang Time in September…

Save the Date: Patreon Assembly is November 2nd

Frame 3@2x: Patreon Assembly 2019

Get excited because we are hosting the first-ever Patreon Assembly digital summit. And you're invited! You'll be able to tune in, whereever you are, as a variety of speakers share tips and insights on how to navigate today’s creative world.

Mark your calendars because this exciting event is taking place on November 2nd.

Jack and crew couldn’t give out all the juicy details by air time. But, since Hang Time went live, we’ve released lots more about the event. I’m not going to give away our killer creator line-up (wink, wink), but trust me — you’re going to want to check it out. For all that and more, head over to this website.

You can hear more about Patreon’s first digital summit at the 6:58 mark of Hang Time.

Join Us For #ThankYouPatrons Day

Thank you Patrons 2018

You probably know this already, but it’s worth repeating just in case: we would be nothing without our faithful patrons.

A couple years ago, we were sitting around the office, bouncing around ideas on how to best thank those wonderful, supportive people, and that’s when it hit us. What if, every year, we dedicated an entire day to patrons? That’s when #ThankYouPatrons day was born.

Since #ThankYouPatrons day has been a big hit with creators and patrons, we’re doing it again this year.

So on November 19th, join creators across the world in giving back to patrons with a heartfelt “thank you” using the hashtag #ThankYouPatrons on social media. Let your patrons know just how much they’ve changed your life and how they’ve allowed you to continue making and creating.

But until then, don't tell your patrons. We want it to be a big surprise.

If you need inspiration, check out the beautiful thank-yous from last year’s event. Creators just like you got quite emotional as they showed their appreciation for their loving communities.

We can’t wait to join in this giant, patron/creator hug fest.

Watch Taryn introduce #ThankYouPatronsDay at the 8:13 mark of Hang Time.

Join Patreon’s Digital Community On Discord

Hero: patreon-discord-integration

Did you know that Patreon has a Discord server?

It’s true, and Patreon creators are chatting and hanging out there every day.

If you want to join the conversation, sign up for the Patreon Discord server today. You can chat with a pool of over 1,000 creators about whatever you’d like — get tips about growing and scaling your membership business, find answers to technical questions about Patreon, or just hang out with a digital community of like-minded people.

We’ll see you there!

You can watch Jack talk about Patreon’s Discord community at the 11:08 mark of Hang Time.

Patreon Tips From Wyatt, our Head of Product

Last month, Wyatt Jenkins, Patreon’s Head of Product, joined Jack and Taryn for Hang Time. That went so well that we had him back again.

Wyatt is always thinking about ways to help creators earn more money and better connect with their patrons. Since he knows what works (and he’s good at explaining things), we gave Wyatt the mic for awhile, so he could share his knowledge with you.

Here are some tips (and announcements) from Wyatt...

Wyatt Tip: Reassess Your Marketing Efforts

How important is it to share your Patreon page on social media?

Wyatt said it’s very important. In fact, he suggested that all creators regularly plug their Patreon page on all their social media accounts. If you're afraid of annoying your followers, consider this — do you see every social media post from the people you follow? Probably not (you'd have to be glued to your phone all day long).

Pro tip: Another good place to link to your creator page is in your email signature.

These are quick fixes that can make a big difference when payday comes around.

Are You Ready for Single Sign On?

News flash. Patreon now has a single sign on option with Google, which means less clicks between your patrons and you.

Now, if a fan wants to become your patron, they can quickly do so by authenticating with their Google account. This may not seem like a huge deal, but more than half of all patrons have a Google account. And since it went live, this simple change is already having an impact, with mobile registrations seeing a 30% lift.

You can watch Wyatt’s talk about this update at the 17:00 mark of Hang Time.

Wyatt Tip: Making Patrons Feel Special

Since Wyatt has access to a ton of data, he's a wealth of knowledge for what works on Patreon and what doesn't.

This month on Hang Time, Wyatt laid out a two-prong plan for sustaining a successful membership business — attract new patrons and keep your current patrons satisfied.

Since Wyatt already addressed getting new patrons earlier in Hang Time, let's recap what he had to say about keeping patrons happy by posting exclusive content, at least twice a month.

One way to do that is through our integration with Vimeo, which allows you to publish videos that are for your patrons eyes only.

Another way to do that, and to make your patrons feel special at the same time, is to use the Patreon Bonjoro integration. Bonjoro is a website that allows you to create short welcome and thank you videos for patrons, and it's a relatively low labour task that can make a big impact.

Wyatt says that the most important time to do this is in the first month that a fan becomes your patron, because the biggest drop off in new patrons happens in that timeframe. Food for thought.

You can watch Jack and Wyatt talk about keeping patrons happy at the 18:27 mark of Hang Time.

Exciting New Developments Coming Your Way

I’m sure you know Ursula Sage by now (here's an awesome blog post she wrote about Special Offers). She’s a product manager at Patreon, and she’s already been on Hang Time a few times. We love having Ursula on Hang Time. Not only does she know how to make the most of your Patreon page, she also brings along exciting updates.

Ursula dropped by Hang Time to tell us about some research she's been doing with both creators and fans. Her goal is to get feedback on the design of your Patreon pages in hopes of making them better.

Through her and her team's research, she’s learned all kinds of stuff, like maybe membership tiers should be more front and center on your Patreon page. Also, she found that fans are interested in a more clear display of creator tier levels and benefits.

And she brought in some designs that may be used for Patreon pages in the future. Currently, these designs are being tested with audiences to see which ones best help convert fans to patrons.

Oh, and side note — the “About” section of your creator page is super important. Currently, it’s one of the first things your fans see when deciding whether to become your patron, so it’s important that it be in tip-top shape.

Ursula said that when writing your About section, make sure it states clearly who you are and what you do. Apparently, too much information can scare fans away, especially logistical information on how Patreon works, how pledges are deducted, etc.

In the future, Ursula and her team will be experimenting with an FAQ section of your Patreon page, which would allow your patrons to get all that technical information in a different section. Keep on the look out for that in the future.

Want more information on writing your about section? Check out the blog post titled, “How to Sell Your Page in Your About Section.”

You can watch Ursula’s tips and announcements at the 33:38 mark of Hang Time.

Reward your loyal patrons with Merch for Membership

03 blog-premium-merch

Back in May, we soft-launched the new Merch for Membership feature, which takes the hassle out of providing merchandise to your patrons.

Here's how it works: you provide the design and then you can pretty much forget about it as Patreon will take care of the rest (manufacturing, shipping, tracking, etc). Currently, Patreon offers stickers, posters and mugs, but we're launching other products (and wider shipping routes) in due time.

We're continuing to scale Merch for Membership, so it's still in limited release. But, if you think it sounds like a good match for your membership business, you can get more info here.

You can watch Wyatt introduce Merch for Membership at the 26:40 mark of Hangtime.

See you in October

Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe here to watch October’s Hang Time live on October 25th.

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