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Here's what happened on Hang Time in April

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Hang Time is a creator-first live stream hosted by Patreon CEO Jack Conte and our own Taryn Arnold. Tune in every month for sneak peeks, interviews with the Patreon team (and special guests), and juicy tips for running your creator page.

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on Hang Time in April...

Introducing: Open Studio in the Patreon Community Forum

Wondering what Patreon updates are coming down the pipeline?

Ben Domanico, our Head of Design, dropped by Hang Time to chat with Jack about Open Studio, an exciting, new collaboration between Patreon’s design team and you.

Here’s how Open Studio works: Every Monday (or so), in the Patreon community forum, a special guest from our design team will drop in and give y’all a look-see at a future Patreon feature. They’re excited to share their creations with you, but they also want to know what you think about them. After all, they’re creating them for you!

If you’re already a member of the Patreon community forum, check out Open Studio here. If you’re not yet a member of the community, fill out this brief form and get started today.

Check out their full conversation at around the 7:00 minute mark of Hang Time.


We launched our own Discord community server

If you’ve never used Discord before, it’s an awesome, free chat application that allows you to talk-it-up with other communities, or start one of your own.

Philip James, our Senior Software Engineer on the Platform Team, stopped in to give Jack some big news: we started a Discord server that’s just for you. Hundreds of creators have already joined to share Patreon tips, to provide each other emotional and creative support — also, they’re just hanging out.

If you want to join in on the fun, click here to get started with Patreon’s Discord community. Feel free to use your browser, or download the Discord app on your computer.

Check out their full conversation at around the 15:00 minute mark of Hang Time.


Three Patreon Pro partner apps we are over the moon for

Do you want to create a deeper connection with your patrons?

Alicia Fore, Patreon’s Partnerships Manager, joined Jack on Hang Time to share three partner apps that Patreon Pro creators can use to foster community with their patrons:

1. Create a community Q&A forum with Discourse

Not to be confused with the free chat application Discord, Discourse is a sweet Q&A forum that integrates with your creator page. Make a space that is for your patrons, and for them only.

If you’d like to learn more about what Discourse can do for your patrons, check out this article we wrote about Kevin Morris, a motorcycle instructor who used Discourse to give his 2000+ patrons a place to gather.

Setting up Discourse with Patreon can be a little tricky, so before you try it out, be sure to read the support article, “How do I set up the Discourse integration with Patreon?” However, once you get it set up, it's a great tool for building community that requires minimal effort for your patrons to join.

2. Get the most out of Reddit

We want you and your patrons to hang out wherever you’d like. If you or your patrons prefer Reddit over other Q&A forums, we’ve got you covered.

With the Reddit + Patreon integration, you can create a subreddit that is perfect for your patrons. Reward your patrons with special Reddit flair, and entice new ones with the Patreon widget, which drives fans from Reddit to your creator page.

To learn more about the Reddit + Patreon integration, check out this blog post.

3. Create a Discord server that is just for your patrons

We already dug into Discord earlier in this post. But did you know that you can create a Discord server (server is Discord’s word for chat room) that is only available to your patrons?

With the Discord + Patreon integration, you can foster community, and get valuable feedback from your patrons. Head over to our support page and set up Discord for your patrons today.

Also, if you want to check out Alicia and Jack's full conversation, you can find that at around the 20:00 minute mark of Hang Time.

Meet Sai Hossain, the CEO of Crowdcast

Do you use Crowdcast with your patrons?

If you haven’t discovered it yet, Crowdcast is a website that allows you to create live video streams that are just between you and your patrons. In fact, we use Crowdcast to host our monthly Hang Time live streams.

Sai Hossain, the CEO of Crowdcast, called into Hang Time to give us exciting updates to the Patreon + Crowdcast integration, which make setting up Crowdcast with your patrons easier than ever.

To see if Crowdcast is right for your patrons, check out this support article. And, if you’re ready to give Crowdcast a shot, check it out on our apps page.

If you want to hear Sai and Jack's full conversation, it comes in around the 32:00 minute mark of Hang Time.

Thanks for joining us for Hang Time

To watch past episodes of Hang Time, and stay in the loop for future episodes, head over to our Crowdcast site. Until then, see you next month!