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How Patron Exit Surveys Can Help You Grow

It can definitely be hard to see patrons go, but if we were the kind of people who looked for silver linings (and we are), we’d say that the departure of a patron is the perfect time to gain knowledge about your audience. Use that time to get some data, we say! And, perhaps, use that data for a little retrospection.

You don’t have to do anything to get exit information; every time a patron cancels a pledge, we automatically send them an exit survey that looks like this:

Their answers will be distilled and made ready for you to read on your dashboard. You’ll be able to find out when the patron submitted the survey, and what amount the pledge was that got canceled. You’ll also gain insights as to why they canceled their pledge, as well as any feedback the patron wanted to offer.

We know getting feedback can be tough, but you get to decide what to do with it. We encourage you to take a read of it when you’re up to it, try not to take the messages too personally, and see if you can gain any constructive insight from it.