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How to Get Featured on Patreon

Here’s hard truth #1:

There isn’t a simple way to get featured right now. No amount of emailing or tweeting at us will put you in line for a little in-product promotion. That is because of hard truth #2.

Here’s hard truth #2:

Patreon isn’t a discovery platform. You and your work inspire people to become passionate fans and loyal followers. Patreon is a platform that makes it easy for those fans and followers to become paying patrons. Meaning, your job is to get them to your Patreon page, and our job is to make it easy for them to join your membership business. Take a look at this chart for a clearer idea.

Patreon empowers you to connect with your patrons like no other service available. You are in charge of the value exchange between you and your patrons, and you are in charge of the relationship. These are your people. We are here to help you foster and manage the connection between you and your community, once you bring the community here.