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Improvements to making posts on Patreon

We’re making major upgrades to the way you make posts on Patreon.

It's now easier for you to control which patrons see your posts. We also made a bunch of improvements to the mobile posting experience. Read on for the juicy details.

Better control of who gets to see each post

We’re giving you more control over which patrons see your posts. With this update, you’ll set post access by selecting tiers instead of dollar amount, so you can post exclusively to patrons in one tier, instead of that tier and everyone above it.

For example, you could set access to a post exclusively to your “$20 tier,” instead of “$20 and up.”


This change improves your Patreon experience in 2 ways:

1. No more spamming your higher-paying patrons.

Currently, your higher-paying patrons receive multiple emails and notifications when you make posts for multiple tiers. For example, if you post an early access link to your $5+ patrons and then make another post with the same link and a bonus podcast to your $10+ patrons, all higher paying patrons receive both those posts. This update will make this experience for higher paying patrons way better.

2. Multiple tiers at the same price.

We know you’ll be excited about this one — you’ve been asking for it. With this new update, you’ll also have the option to offer multiple tiers at the same price. This is a top request from podcasters and teachers who want to offer multiple podcasts or courses at the same cost.

An important note here: this update will affect access settings for your patrons who have selected “no reward,” and for patrons who pledge more than the tier they originally selected. These patrons will simply need to sign up for the tier matched with the amount they’re already pledging if they want to continue see the posts for that tier.

Please see our Help Center article if you'd like to learn more about the update or how to communicate it to your patrons.

Post on-the-go with new features in the mobile app

With these 4 updates, your mobile experience just got a huge upgrade.

Rich text formatting for mobile posts

You can now use rich text formatting in the mobile app with all the standard options — bold text, italicized text, and also underline. Additionally, you can now style headers, make bulleted lists, and add quotes or links. Haven’t tried posting on the mobile app before? Let’s change that. Download it here.


Insert inline images to mobile posts

You can now insert Inline images on the mobile app, allowing you to showcase images throughout a post.


Edit a post on the mobile app

Ugh — find a typo? Worry not. Edit the text within a published post or draft using the mobile app.

edit (1)

Start and save drafts in the mobile app

Inspired to write while you’re on the go? You can now save drafts and access your drafts via mobile. Writing a draft via the mobile app is the perfect way to capture and save your thoughts for patrons.

Last of all, remember to update your app in your phone settings to receive all these new features!


We hope that these updates to posting will give you a better experience using Patreon to connect with your top fans, and can’t wait to see what you share next.