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Integrating with Discord

Patreon’s integration with Discord makes it possible for you to reward your patrons with special roles in your Discord server. Here’s how to set it up:

Note: You will need to create a specific server on your Discord account prior to setting up roles or connecting your Discord account to your Patreon account. CLICK HERE to learn how to setup a Discord Server.

Set up roles on your Discord

In Discord, open the Server Settings window and navigate to the Roles tab. Set up as many roles as you’d like – you’ll be able to use any of the roles you set up here as Patreon benefits.

Connect your Discord server to your Patreon page

Navigate to your Patreon page editor and click Creator Page Settings in the top-right corner to open the settings window.

From the “Advanced Integrations” option, click the Connect to Discord button to authorize a Patreon bot on your server. We’ll use this bot to automatically assign people the roles you choose in the next step.

Note: be sure to keep “Manage Roles” and “Create Instant Invite” checked in the authorization screen!

Give the Patreon bot the required permissions

Navigate to the Roles section of your Discord server settings.

Find the new role Patreon, and drag it above the roles you’d like to give to your patrons. Important: do not choose this role for any of your benefits in step #4.

(Optional): Rename the Patreon role to Patreon Bot – this will help you remember to not choose the role as a benefit. Be sure not to disable any of the permissions – otherwise, the bot might not be able to assign roles to your patrons!

Add Discord roles to your Patreon benefits

Back on Patreon, close the Creator Page Settings window to go back to your page editor.

Click on the “edit” button in the Benefits card to edit your benefits. If you’ve completed the previous step and connected your Discord server, there should be an additional Discord Roles section for each benefit tier. Add as many roles to a given benefit tier as you’d like – you can even add the same role to multiple benefit tiers. Important: do not add the Patreon role (or whatever you might have renamed it to) to any benefit – this will break the integration! For example, you could create a Patrons role, which gives people access to certain channels, and then a Patron Admins role, which gives people admin permissions in those channels. If you had two benefit tiers—$1 and $10—you could then assign the Patrons role to both $1 and $10 tiers and the Patron Admins role to only the $10 tier.

Watch the magic!

We’ll handle the rest from here! Once a new or existing patron connects their Discord account, we’ll automatically invite them to the server (if they're not already in it) and assign them the role(s) corresponding to their chosen reward. If a patron deletes their pledge, we’ll remove the role(s) from their Discord account for you.

Still have questions about using Discord on Patreon? Check out this helpful FAQ from the Pateron Help Center.