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Boost Your Engagement and Earnings with Special Offers

Here at Patreon, we’re committed to helping you connect with your fans, so you can thrive in your creative career. One big goal we have (and one we assume you share) is that we want to give you a raise. We know you deserve it. And while we can’t wave a magic wand to grant you the increase in patrons and earnings you so deserve, we can build tools to help make some month-over-month magic happen.

Creators, We’d Like to Introduce You to Special Offers.

A Special Offer is a marketing and business tool you can use to boost fan engagement, and increase your earnings on Patreon. With a Special Offer, you can create and promote a benefit — a digital reward, insider access, merch, etc. — that is only available for a limited time.

Here are some ideas for your next Special Offer:

The goal for a Special Offer is to create momentum around your membership program, increase your patron base, and to ignite engagement quickly. It also incentivizes existing patrons to bump up their patronage.

Please note this tool is not available for creators who charge per creation. To learn how to switch from per creation to monthly click here, and to learn more about what Special Offers can do to help you get more patrons click here.

How It Works

Step 1: Select the Right Benefit Our new special offer tool walks you through the whole process, starting with selecting the right benefit for your industry and audience. We know all creators are unique and audiences will want different benefits, which is why we’ve created templates for popular benefits, or you can create your own.

Step 2: Set It Up We’ve made it really simple for you to set up your Special Offer campaign; you’ll find the feature link when you click the “Edit Your Page” button. Just name it, describe it, pick your dates and the tiers involved.

Step 3: Promote it We’ve developed a brand-new handbook full with tips, tricks, and proven marketing methods to help you spread the word about your Special Campaign. Head to the Special Offers feature section from your Patreon dashboard to learn more.

Step 4: Get Excited! Your fans and patrons will be so excited to see what you have up your sleeves, and you’ll love the boost in engagement and earnings. Seriously. This is a win win scenario, and we know it can work for you and your audience.

Creators Confirm! Special Offers Work for All Audiences

What do a singer/songwriter, astrophysicist, and artist have in common? They create amazing work their audiences love, AND they saw impressive growth by running a special offer campaign. They each converted longtime fans into patrons and saw that existing patrons opted to level-up their commitment in order to get more rewards and benefits. This new patron participation meant a quick and impactful increase in earnings for all three creators. And the best part is, the increase in earnings didn’t go away when the special offer period ended; their income had been upleveled, and they received a raise.

In addition to the money, these creators also received reassurance that a campaign like this could work for them. Each of the creators we interviewed said they were excited to take their learnings from running their first special offer, and do it again. That’s how well they work!

But you don’t have to take our word for it… check out these results:

  • In her two-week special offer, singer/songwriter Rebecca Loebe created unique enamel pins and saw a 23% increase in monthly earnings, garnering 38 brand new patrons and up-leveling about the same number of existing patrons. Learn more here!

  • Paul M. Sutter, a legit astrophysicist, launched a special offer campaign for two weeks, and committed to sending patrons signed copies of his brand new book. By the end of the campaign, he had 40 new patrons and an earnings increase of $553. That’s 553 more dollars every month. Check it out!

  • Marshall Short, the artist behind PrintableHeroes, found an authentic way to leverage a special offer campaign and have fun creating fresh patron-selected content, too. In two weeks he saw his patron count increase by 6%, translating to a monthly earnings increase of $648. Read his story!

So, are you ready to give it a go for yourself? You could make some long-term magic in a short amount of time. Check out the Special Offers feature today to get started.