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Introducing Spotify Playlist #2, Patreon Assembly

When it comes to being a creator, community is huge. Yes, Simon and Garfunkel once sang “I am a rock...I am an island,” but I’m pretty sure they were being facetious. Whether it’s the Patreon community forum or an in-person meetup, having a group of like-minded people makes being a creator easier, not the other way around.

Introducing Spotify Playlist #2, Patreon Assembly

In the spirit of togetherness, on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, we’re hosting the first-ever digital summit, Patreon Assembly, so creators from all over the world can get together online to learn, listen to talks about creativity, and inspire one another.

And, since nothing brings people together like good tunes, we made a playlist spanning rock, pop, hip hop, and R&B to capture that feeling of camaraderie. These artists aren’t endorsing Patreon. We just love their music, and the way it makes us feel connected.

Please join us for Assembly — register here. And, for an auditory group hug, check out the playlist below, and follow us on Spotify to be the first to know about future playlists.

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