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6 Themes We Saw at SXSW 2019
From creative performances to expert panels — from executive keynotes to podcasts tapings — SXSW 2019 offered fresh takes on entrepreneurship, entertainment, and making content that fosters a community. Here are the key themes from this year's festival.
Erica Hawkins
How does Patreon create content policies?
Content policy creation is nuanced, no one knows this better than our Trust and Safety team. Read on to find out how the team proactively fights bias while writing creator-first policies.
Patreon Trust and Safety Team
Patreon at SXSW: Day Three at the House of Creativity
We wrapped up our SXSW residency on Rainey Street with more creator-centric panels featuring podcast and other industry experts. Plus, Jack welcomed Amanda Palmer and Ben Folds on stage to talk about how creators can engage with their communities.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: Day Two at the House of Creativity
Day 2 of SXSW was magic: we hosted five panels and performances onsite at the #HouseOfCreativity before the sun went down, and across town, Jack brought down another house. At night, six artists took the stage for a must-see musical showcase. Read on!
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: Day One at the House of Creativity
Patreon is in Austin, Texas, for SXSW and we're recapping all the festival fun happening at our #HouseOfCreativity on Rainey Street. Day One featured The Try Guys, Hannahlyze This, and memorable music from industry icons.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: 5 Things We Learned about Fighting Bias with Content
Curious about how cognitive bias impacts content creation? We sat in on a panel David Dylan Thomas (of Think Company) hosted at SXSW, and took notes on how our cognitive biases seep into everything we create.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: 5 Things We Learned at So, You Think You Can Podcast?
Want to know what makes a podcast so successful? A panel of experts met in Austin, TX, and laid out the five fundamentals at a hot SXSW panel. Don't worry, we took all the notes and are sharing them with you.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: Steps to Launching and Growing a Membership Business
Want to launch a membership business but don't know how? Our Creator Partnerships Lead, Alexis Gay, gives you steps for success in this SXSW session.
Erica Hawkins
New Look, New Navigation
Patreon debuts a lighter, brighter look that features a more accessible design and lays the foundation for future features that let creators customize their pages even more.
Ben Domanico
10 Can't-Miss SXSW Panels for Creators
With countless options to absorb all things film, music, and more - where do you start with SXSW panels? We know that scheduling the perfect panel programming agenda ain't easy, so we’ve done the work for you.
Erica Hawkins
Looking for what to do at SXSW? Join Patreon’s House of Creativity for panels and performances from groundbreaking creators.
Patreon is heading to SXSW and showcasing creator panels, live performances, and more at our House of Creativity. Get all the details in this post and we'll see you in Austin!
Valerie Veteto
Patreon Payments: A Step-by-Step Guide
Starting on the first of every month, Patreon manages payment transactions for millions of patrons all across the globe, processing millions of dollars. Find out what the Patreon Payments team is doing to ensure creators get paid.
Patreon Team
Our 5 Favorite Meetups for Creators at SXSW 2019
Interested in collaborating, co-mingling, and getting to know other creators just like you while at SXSW? Check out our list of meetups for creators!
Erica Hawkins
How to Keep Creating When You Want to Quit
Creating is hard. Living a creative life, and turning it into a sustainable business, is ridiculously hard. But don’t give up quite yet.
Zaedryn Rook
Why Isn't Patreon a Discovery Platform? Because Patreon Creators Own the Relationship with their Audience
Our head of Product explains why Patreon focuses on membership, not discovery, to help creators connect to their audience and get paid.
Wyatt Jenkins
A Fair DMCA Policy for Creators
Everything at Patreon is built to be creator-first, including our legal policies. Our in-house counsel explains how our DMCA policy aims to be one of the fairest and most transparent available.
Colin Sullivan
Ultimate 2019 SXSW Survival Guide for Creators
Attending SXSW this March and looking for a guide on how to survive the festival? This guide is for you!
Erica Hawkins
How Patreon Helps Creators Do What They Love
How does Patreon help creators do what they love? Support, community, and freedom to grow a fanbase are just a few of the ways.
Fiona Tapp
Do More By Doing Less: How To Minimize Your Workload on Patreon
Work smarter, not harder with these 8 best practices for minimizing your workload on Patreon.
Jasmine Williams
A Creative Pep Talk: How to Kick That Impostor Feeling to The Curb
Impostor syndrome occurs to everyone, no matter how successful. We talked to our Patreon community to see how they broke the habit.
Muriel Vega
Patreon is going to SXSW 2019: Join us at the House of Creativity March 11-13
Join us at the House of Creativity March 11 - 13 for collaborative programming, interactive exhibits, and exclusive performances.
Jane Kwett
Three Tips for Creating an Engaged Community
Ready to take your world to the next level? Here’s how to build your community with excitement and meaning.
Amanda Derrick
Kati Morton's Top 13 Ways to Identify and Deal with Creator Burnout
Burnout doesn’t look the same on everyone. Patreon creator Kati Morton explains what it is and how to deal.
Muriel Vega
Try These 6 (Data-Backed!) Experiments to Grow Your Creative Business
What kind of experiments can you run to gain and keep patrons? Check out these six ways to turn your Patreon page into a science lab.
Katherine Hosmer
How to Increase Retention and Re-Engage Your Lost Patrons
Follow the crumbs and recapture your lost patrons with these strategies from our Patreon Creator Success team.
Muriel Vega
7 Ways to Talk to Your Audience About Patreon
What can you share about your Patreon membership program without feeling like you're constantly asking for support, or even begging? Here are seven ideas.
Zaedryn Rook
How to Use Special Offers to Boost Your Launch on Patreon
Special offers are an effective way to gain more traction for your Patreon page launch. Not sure where to start? We have you covered.
Ursula Shekufendeh
The Art of Hiring for Your Creative Business
Wearing too many hats? Give yourself more time to create by hiring the right people for the right jobs on your team.
Katherine Hosmer
Make it Happen: Your Online Business Set-Up Checklist
Want to start an online business but get a little overwhelmed by all the financial and legal requirements? This 6-step guide will walk you through the whole business start-up process.
Jasmine Williams
How Films for Action Reached Their Goals by Focusing on Community First
After Facebook changed its algorithm, Films for Action reached their goals with a community-supported model.
Nicole Ortiz
Millions and Billions | Celebrating Patrons, Creators, and Major Milestones
There are now more than 3 million patrons supporting more than 100,000 creators on Patreon This year, we’ll pass 1 BILLION DOLLARS paid out…
Patreon Team
Growth Checklist: Are You Doing These Things for Financial and Audience Growth?
Interested in growing your audience and finances? Here are a few tips you won’t want to miss out on.
Nicole Ortiz
Mastering Time Management Skills to Grow Your Business
Using these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to grow your business and manage your time in a more productive way.
Nicole Ortiz
Make Art, not Art13
Article 13 threatens creators’ ability to directly connect with fans and strengthens corporate rights holders at the expense of independent creators. Most importantly though, Article 13 does not acknowledge the very nature of creativity.
Weston Dombroski
You’re Worth It: Attach Value to Your Work Sooner Rather Than Later
A vital step in your creative career is asking for your fans to support your work. You deserve it! Here are a few creators who did it successfully.
Muriel Vega
How to Create Through Wintertime Sadness (SAD)
The winter blues are real! Here’s how to get your productivity back during wintertime.
Muriel Vega
Patreon’s Trust and Safety Initiatives
Trust and Safety are a vital part of Patreon's initiatives. We'd like to share some our Trust and Safety process, from policy creation, to decision making, to communication with creators, and more.
Jacqueline Hart
Making a Creative Marketing Plan That Works
It’s tough to promote your own work as a creator! You know you’re supposed to “market” and “self-promote,” but how? Here are some simple, foundational marketing ideas for creatives.
Zaedryn Rook
Beating Creator Burnout: 5 Tips for Managing Stress
Have you ever experienced creator burnout? Here are five things you can do to manage your stress and get back on track.
Daisy Barringer
Build a Better Creative Business Plan
Have you ever had those days (or weeks, or months, or longer) when you feel stuck in your creativity and creative business? You love…
Kate Holt
Six Ways to Promote Your Patreon Special Offer to Patrons and Fans
ICYMI we recently launched a Special Offers feature to help you boost your membership business. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of inspiring…
Kate Holt
The Worst New Year Resolutions for Creative People
Make your new year resolutions more attainable with these actionable tips for creators.
Muriel Vega
Creators: Don’t Overlook Evergreen Content
Timely, urgent updates get attention. But so can evergreen content (content you make once and use repeatedly because it stays relevant). Here’s why.
Susan Johnston Taylor
Membership 101 | The 15 Best Practices To Launch and Grow Your Patreon Program [Video!]
So you want to know more about memberships programs? We could literally talk to you about it all day (today and tomorrow). Instead of…
Kate Holt
4 Things That Can Help You Explain Your Creative Career to Your Parents
Explaining to parents and friends that Patreon helps you pay the bills and support your creative career can be a long journey, but it doesn’t have to be. This article can help break it down for them.
Muriel Vega
Introducing: The Creator Mindset Map
Creativity takes courage We believe committing to a creative life is a courageous act. You gotta be brave to ignore other proven career…
Kate Holt
The Creator Mindset Map — Fear
The Creator Mindset Map identifies, affirms, and validates the complex feelings and emotions creators juggle when bringing each project…
Kate Holt
The Creator Mindset Map — Hope
The Creator Mindset Map identifies, affirms, and validates the complex feelings and emotions creators juggle when bringing each project…
Kate Holt
The Creator Mindset Map — Grit
The Creator Mindset Map identifies, affirms, and validates the complex feelings and emotions creators juggle when bringing each project…
Kate Holt
The Creator Mindset Map — Glory
The Creator Mindset Map identifies, affirms, and validates the complex feelings and emotions creators juggle when bringing each project…
Kate Holt