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MacG’s journey from top 40 radio to the top of South Africa’s podcast charts

When Macgyver Mukwevho launched his podcast in 2018, he had no idea that two years later, he'd be interviewing celebrities and helping generations of South Africans stay entertained through a global lockdown.

July 07, 2021

Here’s your chance to win the ultimate podcasting studio!

Enter to win a podcasting studio upgrade worth almost $2,000!

June 25, 2021

How Patrick Hinds turned his true crime obsession into a career

Learn how two true crime-obsessed comedians turned their passion into one of the most popular podcasts on Patreon.

June 25, 2021Jordana Colomby

Back to the Future & Back Again with Rose Eveleth

Rose is the "Head Futurologist" of her podcast network, Flash Forward Presents, where she talks about issues like immunity and voting rights, and helps us understand what our future as a human race might look like.

June 22, 2021Jordana Colomby

Naked or not naked? — Patreon’s approach to nudity and adult content

Our mission is to give creators the freedom to make whatever they want, however they want – adult creators included. In order to empower this creativity while fostering a safe and welcoming environment for our community, we have to limit certain content that’s publicly available (meaning visible to non-patrons) on creator pages.  What do we […]

June 21, 2021

Building the future of the creator economy one policy at a time

Laurent Crenshaw has been fighting the good fight as a policy professional for over a decade, and in August 2020 he made the move to Patreon so he could be part of the engine that’s powering the new creator economy.

June 17, 2021Jordana Colomby

Kickstart Guide for Launching a Podcast on Patreon

We rounded up our top tips on quickly and effectively launching a podcast on Patreon. From building your page to choosing and pricing your tiers, we've got advice from our team and top podcasters to ensure a successful launch.

June 15, 2021Jordana Colomby

The Art of the (Re)Launch

Whenever you’re launching a new project, you always have to think about the rollout. The days, weeks, and even months leading up to a big reveal are crucial for getting people excited about, and familiar with, what you’ve got coming. The same goes for relaunching. We’ve seen it a million times (remember when Dunkin’ Donuts […]

June 09, 2021Jordana Colomby

5 Patreon Podcasters Breaking the Mold

These five Patreon podcasters are getting creative with their untraditional show formats and patron benefits.

June 03, 2021Jordana Colomby

Meet These Top Patreon Podcasters

Here on Patreon, we’re lucky to have the best of the best creating podcasts about everything from Canadian politics to fantasy football. We’re talking about industry leaders who are changing the future of the medium and inspiring others to do the same. They’re showing the creative community that there’s always room to do something different, […]

June 03, 2021Jordana Colomby

After Being Censored on Instagram, Feminist Activists Are Turning to Patreon

After taking Facebook to court, several members of this activist group critical of the social network’s moderation policy have opted for Patreon, which they feel is a freer and safer space to express themselves.

May 28, 2021Laura Thibault

S Corps: The Best Business Structure You’ve Never Heard Of

You may have heard the saying “small businesses are the backbone of America,” and while it’s a nice sentiment, it’s really all talk. In fact, Bethany Swartwood cringes every time she hears a politician utter those words. “If that was true,” she says, “they wouldn’t make it so hard for the self-employed to exist.” Bethany […]

May 03, 2021Jordana Colomby

Tiffany Stevenson joins Patreon as Chief People Officer

We’re thrilled to announce that Tiffany Stevenson is joining Patreon as Chief People Officer overseeing our global HR practice.

May 03, 2021Jack Conte and Sam Yam

Carla Lalli Music Is Creating a Community From the Comfort of Her Kitchen

After leaving Bon Appetit video, Carla Lalli Music moved to Patreon to create something that felt as authentic to herself as it would to her community: Carla’s Cooking Show.

April 23, 2021Jordana Colomby

Announcing Our New Creator Policy Engagement Program

We’re excited to announce a new Creator Policy Engagement Program to ensure Patreon’s policies are clear, easy to understand, and developed with transparency and inclusivity.

April 21, 2021

#KnowYourGrowth – Social Media Marketing 101

Patreon's Stephan Brown shares strategies on building your social media brand and promoting your Patreon page on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

April 15, 2021Anna Millard

The Second Renaissance is Here

To kick our mission into high gear, we’ve raised a Series F funding round of $155M at a $4B valuation. This is proof of the incredible power and potential of creators, and of building this new economy.

April 07, 2021

A Man, A Van, and the Latest Releases: How Pretty Much It Made 2020 Work

When COVID-19 came along and confined Eric to his van — yes, he lives in a van — he could no longer make the comedic commentary tracks his long-time listeners know and love. So he did what so many creators had to do: he took a chance.

April 07, 2021Jordana Colomby

You Are More Than the Numbers

Views, likes, watch time, patrons, income... Patreon creator Leesa Renée Hall helps you understand the numbers without obsessing over them.

April 06, 2021Jordana Colomby

Part Talent Scout, Part Industry Insider, Part Creator Advocate, All Patreon

On the surface, Tom McNeill's job on the Creator Partnerships team at Patreon sounds very, very cool, and that’s because it is.

April 02, 2021Lara Kesler

How to Set and Hit Your Creative Goals With Jack Conte

A look at how Jack Conte and his band Pomplamoose plan their vision for each year. From goals to tactical plans, this step-by-step guide will help you set your creative business up for a successful year.

March 11, 2021Anna Millard

15 Patreon Artists You Should Know About

Want to learn something? Need a laugh? Or do you just feel like taking a trip to a strange new world full of magical, musical frogs? These Patreon artists have you covered.

March 05, 2021Mark Hill

From 0 To 18,000 Patrons In A Year: Doing Things Media Knows How To Get Noticed

A conversation with Doing Things Media, the team that helped creator All Gas No Brakes reach 18,000 patrons in a year and become one of Patreon's top creators.

February 25, 2021Lara Kesler

Behind the Mic – How Patreon Has Built a Home for Independent Podcasters

Patreon has built a one-of-a-kind platform for podcasters that puts creativity, creators, and community first.

February 23, 2021

An Update to Patreon’s Policies on COVID-19-Related Medical Misinformation

Patreon is updating its community guidelines to address content spreading misinformation on COVID-19.

February 16, 2021

Joe Budden Connects Directly With His Community on Patreon

On September 23, 2020, popular podcast host Joe Budden aired his last episode of The Joe Budden Podcast on Spotify with the vision of building a new home on his own terms. While contemplating his next move, he met with Jack, and the connection was instantaneous. We’re pleased to announce that Patreon is the new […]

February 03, 2021

We Screwed up and We’re Sorry: More Context on the Billing Section of Our Recent Product Update

We’re here to say we’re sorry. Sometimes, intent doesn’t match up with impact, and our recent blog post, which was meant to keep you informed about future product updates, didn’t land well–specifically the part about how and when patrons are billed. Join an “Ask Me Anything” with our CEO Jack Conte and members of Patreon’s […]

January 22, 2021

2020 Year-in-Review, and a Peek Into 2021

[UPDATE] With this blog post, our intention was to give you an early look at future product updates but we ended up causing confusion and frustration. We’re sorry about this, and you can read our response here. 2020 was challenging to say the least. Everyone has had to adapt to new ways of living and […]

January 21, 2021

Julian Gutman, Instagram Product Leader, to Join Patreon as CPO

We’re excited to announce that Julian Gutman will be joining Patreon in Q1 as Chief Product Officer where he’ll be leading our Product and Engineering organizations. Julian is currently Head of Product for the Home experience of Instagram, where he is responsible for the Instagram Feed, Stories, Ranking, Video, Profile and Interactions. As we embark […]

January 05, 2021Jack Conte and Sam Yam

These top Patreon creators earn more than $200,000 a year

Not sure what benefits to offer your patrons? Read on to get ideas from Patreon's top earners.

December 10, 2020

Making Comedy During A Very Unfunny Time

Andrew Callaghan is in the middle of the Portland Protests. He’s interviewing a group of young activists, faces covered because of the coronavirus, carrying a leaf blower to fend off tear gas. They talk passionately about their reasons for protesting. The camera pans in on a totally normal couple a little ways behind the protestors, […]

December 08, 2020Lydia Bugg

[Video] Running a Special Offer: Pre-launch & Prep

A Special Offer is a limited time benefit you can offer to entice your fans into signing up and encourage existing patrons to upgrade to higher tiers. It’s one of the most effective tools we’ve discovered to help creators significantly boost their earnings. If you’ve been trying to find a new way to engage your […]

December 02, 2020Laura Benson

[Video] Tools for growth: Revamping & Re-launching your page

If you’ve had your Patreon for a while and you’ve hit a plateau on your earnings, don’t worry — it happens. Fortunately, in this case there is a recipe for success. There are a few tried and true changes and updates you can make to re-vamp and re-launch your page. They will breathe new life […]

December 02, 2020Laura Benson

[Video] Messaging & Promotion: Tips from Top Creators

Marketing is arguably the key to your long-term success on Patreon. You could be offering the coolest things to patrons, but if your fans don’t even know about Patreon membership, they won’t know to join! This video walks you through the most important steps to ensure you’re marketing your membership well: Getting to know your […]

December 02, 2020Laura Benson

[Video] Plan for Success: Benefits Best Practices

When it comes to the benefits you’re offering your fans, you want to follow a few golden rules: Keep your membership offering simple. Price it right without undervaluing your work. Be mindful of your time and make sure it’s sustainable for you! This video will walk you through how to: Make sure your membership benefits […]

December 02, 2020Laura Benson

[Video] Getting Started on Patreon: Build Your Launch Plan

Starting something new can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Launching your membership on Patreon is an exciting and critical first step to building an independent creative business. In this video, we’ll lay out five steps that will help you nail your launch and build the foundations for a successful membership. Step 1: […]

December 02, 2020Laura Benson

Patreon Sent the British Parliament a Letter on Behalf of Musicians

2020 has been an incredibly tough year. And that’s especially true if you’re an artist in the music industry. With the live music market being decimated by Covid-19, artists have been forced to rely mainly on revenue from streaming to try to earn a living from their music. This is especially true in the U.K., […]

November 20, 2020

When YouTube stood between YaBoyRoshi and their community, they took their community to Patreon

After YouTube shut down their channel for three months, here's how YaBoyRoshi is bouncing back.

November 13, 2020

A secure new way to share podcast feeds on Patreon, with Acast.

Patreon is taking a big step forward for the podcast community with the launch of our integration with Acast, the world’s biggest podcast company.

November 11, 2020

Loish finds the sweet spot between career and self-expression

The artist and animator Loish opens up about working on the video game Horizon Zero Dawn, and how her patrons are helping her reconnect with the joy of creation.

November 09, 2020

Top Patreon Games of 2020

We put together a list of some of the top games and gaming content creators on Patreon.

November 08, 2020

Enter the Mystical World of Anya Boz’s Room Guardians

A mink with wings, a sloth with rainbow fur. Anya Boz brings fantasy creatures to life with her realistic figurines.

November 02, 2020Fiona Tapp and Matt St. John

From mass-produced to one-of-a-kind: Freehand Profit creates works of art out of sneakers

To learn why Freehand Profit cuts up sneakers to make gas masks, read on.

November 02, 2020

Electronic Musicians Find Their Community on Patreon

We asked Mark de Clive-Lowe, Martyn, Rhythm Section, Speedy J and Jennfier Cardini how they build community on Patreon.

October 26, 2020

An Update to Patreon’s Policies on QAnon

To learn what we're doing to stop the spread of disinformation on Patreon, read on.

October 22, 2020

RAC doesn’t get a dime when you stream his major-label debut, Strangers — here’s why

Grammy Award-winning producer, RAC, follows the money on his major-label debut, Strangers.

October 08, 2020

Growing Pains

Here's what we're doing to fix the recent performance issues at Patreon.com.

October 06, 2020

Looking to help your patrons vote? We’ve got you covered.

To help get the vote out with your fans, we've put together a voting cheat sheet with everything they'll need to cast their ballot between now and E day.

October 02, 2020

Making Patreon feel like home, for creators and patrons everywhere

Creators can now change their payout currency to GBP, EUR, USD! Read on to learn more.

September 29, 2020

The Try Guys Try Patreon’s Merch for Membership

Since the beginning of the year, the Try Guys got a huge bump in patron revenue — Want to learn how they did it? Read on.

September 08, 2020