Launch Day Checklist

Launching your Patreon page and kicking off your membership business is one of our favorite topics. We’re always asking successful creators for their stories and experiences so we can share awesome ideas with you.

One thing is for sure: most of the fans that come to your Patreon page and become patrons got there because you asked them to. Now is the time to get super comfy with the concept of promoting your Patreon membership business. Remember, your fans love you and want more from you – and this is how you’re making it happen. Let them in!

Here are 12 things you can do to prepare for a kick-ass launch:

1. Get clear on your messaging.

Big brands do this with their PR agencies, and you should do it with your team – even if that’s just a solo writing sesh. Sit down and think about the message that you want to send to your fans. What do you want to tell them? How vulnerable and open do you want to be? When creators get really clear with their audience (and let them know how huge an impact Patreon will have on their lives), they tend to adopt more patrons. Honesty works. Authenticity works. Choose how and what you want to communicate to your audience, and then prepare to shout it from the rooftops.

2. Start with your inner circle!

Call your family and friends and let them know you will be launching a Patreon page soon. Get their feedback on your video and benefits. It will help to have a handful of patrons before your launch date so that your page has momentum from the get-go, and this is the audience to help you make it happen.

3. Post on your social channels.

Post your Patreon link to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, your website, blog, etc. We know 40% of the traffic to your Patreon page is driven by social, so get in front of your people. Follow up on launch day and thank all your fans who become patrons on social media and in your online communities. Not only will this help build that powerful connection between you and you patrons, but it will intrigue more fans to follow the hype. Use the energy from the launch to acquire even new patrons.

4. Email still works.

Write an email to your newsletter subscribers or friends about why you decided to launch a Patreon page. Let them know how much their support would mean to you! Email is not dead yet, we swear! In fact, it has one of the highest rates of successful conversion, so leverage your list! Bonus Points: Keep your Patreon link in your email signature. It works!

5. Mention Patreon in content that you release.

For the next few pieces of content you release, drive people to your Patreon page. You want your Patreon page announcement to be where you have the most impressions, which is usually your content (video, podcast, blog post, etc.) Remember, do what you believe is a tasteful amount of promotion. You know your audience better than anyone.

6. Add a Patreon banner to your Social Media channels.

Add a Patreon banner to your social media cover photos, the top of your website, and bios. Be sure to check out our brand guidelines.

7. Run a Special Offer.

Want to really get your fanbase pumped for your launch? A Special Offer is a tool that allows you to offer a limited-time benefit to your earliest patrons. So before you hit that launch button, consider timing a Special Offer with the launch of your creator page. It can go a long way towards getting you more patrons once you go live on Patreon.

8. Host a live stream.

Host a livestream to tell your fans about your Patreon page and answer any questions about it. Consider using Google Hangouts, Spreecast, or for an intimate Patreon launch to your fans.

9. Party time. 

Host a launch party in your area! (Yes! In person!) Better yet, take pics and quick footage of the party and share it back to your patrons as part of a behind-the-scenes benefit.

10. Lean on other creators.

Do you have any friends who are also Patreon creators? They might be willing to share your announcement with their fans and patrons. Pro tip: Be super kind and thoughtful when asking. Consider providing some notes or a script your creator-friends can use so it’s super easy for them.

11. Hit the press.

Do you follow any relevant blogs, video creators, or other influencers in your field? Contact a handful of creators, writers, and industry professionals and see if they would be willing to do a story on your Patreon page launch. You’d be surprised how often we see this work! Offer to conduct a short interview if they would be willing to send out your Patreon page.

12. Stay confident, patient, and persistent.

You must buy into your Patreon page launch. If you don’t commit fully, your fans will likely feel the same way and not commit either. You have to get behind this launch with everything you have in you. It will lead to higher conversion and more patrons. Also, don’t get discouraged if you are slow to start. Creators earn MORE money over time. On average, creators are earning 50% more, 12 months after launching. So keep on it, and keep driving traffic to your Patreon page throughout the year!

A quick note about expectations: We know all of this can seem overwhelming. It’s one thing to create your work, it’s another to launch it into the atmosphere for people to witness. We really want you to succeed, and Patreon U is working on some more tools and guides to help you keep up your momentum.

Something made you create a Patreon page, and we know you can build a successful membership business with us. In short, you got this and we got you. Let’s go.