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Bring your patrons behind the scenes

Announcing 2 exciting new updates to Lens: Comments and Exclusive Access

Since Lens launched earlier this year, creators have used it to show patrons what it’s like to record a YouTube video, a podcast, or a song - to illustrate a comic, write a novel, or construct a set. With short videos that you can create and post using our mobile app, Lens is the easiest way to show your patrons all of the magic that happens behind the scenes.

Creators who use Lens are able to keep their fans happy with the great content they share and as a result these fans remain patrons longer. The Hillywood Show, who has been using Lens for 3 months has seen that fans who viewed Lens content are more than 3X likely to remain patrons.

Hilly & Hannah Hindi from the Hillywood Show added that "Lens has completely changed our experience with our Patrons!  We have seen a significant rise in activity and excitement from our fans. We are loving the opportunity to share more of our art with them!"

Today, we’re introducing two exciting new updates to Lens that will make it even easier to engage your current patrons (and help you get new ones): the addition of comments on Lens clips, and the option to make Lens exclusive to specific patron tiers.

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Easy Patron Q&A

Patrons have questions; creators have answers. New today, patrons can comment or ask questions directly on Lens clips. Creators can respond with new videos or photos to both recognize individual patrons and create engaging content for their entire patron community.

Example: A podcaster could answer questions from their fans about what the next episode will be about.

Exclusive Access by Tier

Now with the addition of Exclusive Lens Access creators can choose which tiers of patrons can view Lens clips. This was a very highly requested feature and allows creators to use Lens more flexibly and make Lens exclusive to the tiers of their choice.

Example: A musician going on tour could make Lens exclusive for patrons pledging $20+ and publish behind the scenes videos backstage and on the tour bus.

Get Started Today

These two features are available now, so to try them out by posting a photo or video to Lens in the Patreon mobile app. If you’re looking for an idea for what to post, start by asking your patrons what questions they have for you!