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Ditch the spreadsheets and go create!

A new way to manage & track what you deliver to patrons

Everyday, we wake up and pinch ourselves that we get to help tens of thousands of you build your creative careers. Through working with all kinds of creators, we’ve learned that many of you define “success” in your creative careers by having these 3 key ingredients:

  1. more time to create
  2. deeper connections with your fans
  3. reliable monthly paychecks

We want this for you. That’s why we’ve been developing ways to ensure as little work as possible is needed to do outstanding things for your patrons and grow a successful membership business with Patreon.

Today, we’re introducing an easier way for you to manage and track what you deliver to your patrons. Goodbye, spreadsheets — see you never.

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Spend less time on the logistics.

Before today, it took too much manual work to keep track of fulfilling the special things you give your patrons. The feedback we consistently received was that it was too difficult to understand “which patrons get what, and when”.

Now, the benefits you owe to patrons will automatically appear in a digital to-do list so you can easily keep track of all your deliverables. This will help win back the hours you used to spend in spreadsheets so you can get back to creating.

“Before Patreon created a way for me to manage and track the benefits I offer, I had to rely on external programs or, worse, myself. It added an extra load of work for me every month in order to make sure my patrons felt like they were getting all the goodies promised to them. Having an in-house feature like this has been really helpful and I appreciate how much Patreon works for creators to innovate and find ways to make running a membership business easier so we can spend more time on what we really do: art!” - Kate Hackett

Deliver a better experience to your patrons.

“I thought being bad at sending out benefits to my (ever patient and loving) patrons was just something I had to keep struggling through. With all of the touring, booking, performing, and creating, I lacked the time and organization skills to keep track of which benefits had gone out to which patrons. I would fall way behind. This new feature is a GAME CHANGER. It keeps track of everything for me in easy lists, with names and addresses all in one place. Now it's so easy for me to stay on top of fulfilling benefits and keeping promises to my amazing patrons.” - Megan Slankard

This new, streamlined workflow will help ensure that you delight your patrons and never keep them waiting. Running a more dependable membership business will help retain long-term patrons who trust you and look forward to the special things that you deliver them each month.

Set up in minutes.

To start tracking benefits, simply go to your creator page and select “edit your page” (or click here). Then, the next time one of your patrons qualifies for something you’re offering, a new to-do list will appear in the “Benefits” area of your sidebar.

To learn more about getting set up, read our Help Center article here.

We’re incredibly excited to build tools like this that automate your workflow and ultimately make it less work to get paid. Our hope is that this new capability frees up more time to focus on the most important aspects of being a creator - creating things and sharing them with your fans.