Meet the Design Team: Lois Yang, Principal Product Designer

Meet Lois Yang, our newest Principal Product Designer, leading the design vision and execution that enables patrons to connect with their favorite creators.

Lois recently came to Patreon after spending over 5 years at Meta, driving several strategic projects that influenced the Meta app ecosystem, as well as the user experience and product narrative across the smart glasses device space.  


Self-Discovery by the Sea 

An avid diver, Lois took time off after leaving her last role to do some self-discovery in Hawaii, which ultimately reignited her passion for helping build the Creator Economy. On her trip, she made friends with some native free-dive spearfishers who were struggling financially. “It was an eye-opening experience,” says Lois. “I started thinking about people being able to do what they love while supporting their livelihoods. It lit a fire in me and made me realize that I want to work in the creator economy and help people do just that.” 

That’s how Lois decided to join Patreon. “While Meta has some products around the creator economy, Patreon is dedicated to creators pursuing their dreams. I knew I needed to work here to make a real impact.” 

Creator Culture  

In the short few months since joining the team here, Lois has been further impressed by the top talent and laser-focused leadership. “I’m definitely inspired by them. They truly want to build a great product and a great company. It’s also energizing to see that most people here have a passion outside their day job. Some are drummers, some are guitarists, some are sailors, and I’m a diver. We’re all creators outside of our day-to-day, and it not only allows us to relate to our users but it showcases how we all live and breathe Patreon’s mission.” 

Since starting at Patreon, Lois’ understanding of the creator economy has expanded. “In the past, I used to think of creators as individuals, but they really are small business owners who manage many things. We help them make that management easier, from their stories to their brand and everything in between.” 


The Right Time

Lois is confident that the best time to jump on board to support creators is right now. 

“The creator economy is booming and now is the time to make a real dent in this new growing space. New technologies like AI are already taking away a lot of traditional jobs which will lead to many people becoming creators. The earlier you can join the creator economy and help these people, the bigger impact you will have in the industry and the creative world.”   


Beyond the Work  

Living in San Francisco, Lois loves to spend her free time exploring the city. From urban hikes to street markets and block parties, Lois enjoys immersing herself in all aspects of the city’s culture.

Of course, she also spends her time practicing her diving skills – switching between freediving and scuba diving. Lois is already planning her next trip to Hawaii and looks forward to meeting up with her friends that helped her find herself and led her to her newest chapter at Patreon.