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How TubeBuddy Helps Promote your Patreon Page on YouTube

Let’s face it: although it may look easy from the outside, being a YouTube creator is no walk in the park. You’ve shot, edited, and uploaded tons of videos over the years with amazing features like end cards, annotations, and info cards, making sure that it all looks polished and communicates your brand seamlessly every time.

Now, you throw Patreon in the mix — you’re getting ongoing paychecks straight from your biggest fans and creating an intimate home for you and them to connect over your content regularly. You should definitely tell all your YouTube subscribers and anyone who watches your videos about your community on Patreon, but the thought of going through all your old videos to modify your previously-perfect annotations and end cards brings an instant headache.

You might think to yourself, “So many people are still watching my older videos. How can I redirect these new fans to my Patreon page?”

Yes, yes… you guessed it — we’re here to introduce you to a tool that will blow your mind and save you time.

Meet TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel. Their mission is to make you and the rest of the YouTube community a happier, more productive bunch, and they’re doing an amazing job. There are over 250,000+ YouTubers using TubeBuddy, including creators, brands, agencies, and networks.

The most exciting thing about TubeBuddy, especially for creators on Patreon, is that it offers bulk tools for editing cards, annotations, thumbnails, end screens, and descriptions on your YouTube channel. Did you know that Patreon is actually one of the few YouTube Partner websites that is permitted to be linked from these features? These bulk updating tools present the perfect opportunity to add your Patreon URL to all of your old videos.

“TubeBuddy’s bulk processing tools have literally saved us hundreds of hours managing the Family Feud YouTube channel.” – Ed Delage of Family Feud (350+ Million Views)

Here’s the most exciting news: TubeBuddy is offering a deal to all Patreon users who are new to TubeBuddy! Use this code and you will receive a free 30-day upgrade at Star Level (and access to all bulk tools). Patreon and TubeBuddy will be working together more to deliver valuable tools to creators – the most requested of which is an integration for scheduling unlisted videos as Patreon rewards. So keep an eye out for exciting new features! But first and foremost, we give you the:

4 Most Effective Ways TubeBuddy Helps Promote Your Patreon Page on YouTube

1. Bulk Copy and Update Annotations

Manually creating annotations on all your videos one by one is a pain the in $!&#, But linking your Patreon page on your end cards is a must-do! Bulk copying annotations through TubeBuddy ensures you have a clean, consistent look across all your videos because they are copied in the exact same size, shape, and color. This tool can literally save you hundreds of hours of manual work AND add a Patreon button to every video.

Want your very own Patreon end card image? Click HERE to download! Or clickhere if you’d like to learn more about adding end cards to your videos.

2. Bulk Copy Cards

Cards are extremely important for marketing your brand on desktop and mobile. They are also a very effective way to send traffic to your Patreon page! Just like TubeBuddy did with your annotations, you can bulk copy and update cards to ensure a uniform vibe to all your videos, old and new.

3. Bulk Copy End Screen

End Screens are a new feature on YouTube, and are currently only available to Whitelisted channels. TubeBuddy is ahead of the game and has just released a feature to bulk copy an End Screen across all your videos! This will replace hours of work creating end cards in your video editor.

4. Bulk Find, Replace, and Append Video Descriptions

Now, for the grand finale. You write video descriptions in the moment, so they are often outdated and pushing viewers to old websites, promotions, or side-projects—not to mention, they don’t have your Patreon URL. With TubeBuddy, you no longer need to click into every single video to make these edits. You can use bulk tools to find, replace, and append video descriptions, all at once!

Promoting your Patreon page on YouTube just got insanely easy. Go on, calm down from all this excitement and get started on TubeBuddy with this code for a a free 30-day upgrade at Star Level (and access to all bulk tools).

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