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Millions and Billions | Celebrating Patrons, Creators, and Major Milestones

  • There are now more than 3 million patrons supporting more than 100,000 creators on Patreon
  • This year, we’ll pass 1 BILLION DOLLARS paid out to creators since the beginning of Patreon
  • In 2019 alone, we’re on track to send creators more than half a billion dollars to fund their membership businesses

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This incredible achievement not only shows the importance of our mission to fund the creative class, but that it's affecting real people — both creators and patrons. Patrons are supporting creators and enabling them to build sustainable businesses that reinforce the art and the value they bring to this world. It's amazing, and it still feels like we're just getting started.

In just one year, the number of patrons around the globe increased from two million to three million, and the creators being supported include podcastors, illustrators, writers, musicians and more. On track to pass one billion dollars paid out to creators, Patreon is continuing to nearly double the amount of money sent to creators year over year.

Reaching this milestone means creators and patrons are reimagining what it means to be a creator, and proving that a creative career is a viable one. At Patreon, we’re so happy to be on this side of history. We’ll continue to elevate creators as owners of their creative businesses and leaders who foster communities of fans of their art through membership.

In fact, we’ve been hard at work, hyper-focused on listening to creators, ensuring our goals serve their needs. We’re committed to developing tools and resources creators need to continue building sustainable income directly from their fans. Recent programs include:

  • We kicked off our Patreon U bootcamps, both online and in person, to give creators a space to learn best practices, success stories and lessons learned from us and each other.

  • We also launched Special Offers to give creators and patrons additional benefits and access to unique content; creators have already seen an 288% increase in their earnings.

  • This past year, we hosted our third annual creator conference, PatreCon, with 50 speakers and more than 300 attendees to dive deep into industry leaders’ stories and creator workshops.

  • The Creator Success team kicked off monthly workshops to help creators connect with our team, each other, and learn tips and insights to reach their goals.

There’s plenty to look forward to this year, too. In 2019 we’ll introduce new features and services to better serve creators at every stage of their journey. We’re also developing a merch solution to take care of all the busywork involved in sending out physical benefits to your patrons; we’re excited to launch that later this year.

As we continue to grow, we’re still on a mission to power membership businesses for creators and be there to support their journey. We're building more enhancements, features and integrations to help every creator easily activate their membership business so they can focus on what they truly love: creating.

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