Behind every great creator on Patreon is a group of people dedicated to supporting them on their creative journey — a community of people passionate about art and determined to help creators realize their creative dreams. Of course, I’m talking about patrons.

So who better to ask about their favorite Patreon creators than patrons themselves? I reached out to some long-time patrons and asked this simple question: Who is your favorite Patreon creator? Here is what they said:


You’ve prepped your page, told your fans, and pressed the big shiny launch button… so now what?

You’ve launched on Patreon! That’s super-fantastic-amazing! But what comes next may seem like the scary part.

  • How do you bring your fans to your page?
  • How can you increase the likelihood that they will pledge to you?
  • How can you ensure everlasting success and world peace?

Well, you’re in for a treat, because I’m here to answer those questions (except for the world peace part, that’s super hard).