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Check out these 10 Patreon Creators Nominated for the Shorty Awards

Got plans for Sunday, May 5th? Of course you do: your favorite content creators are showing up at the Shorty Awards ceremony taking place this weekend in New York City! And if you can’t be in town to see it, you can livestream the event here.

In order to be considered for the Shorty Awards, nominees must be engaged with their followers and fans, as well as demonstrate a positive impact on the world. Musicians, actors, and makers of all kinds are celebrated for their engaging and innovative social media content. The Shortys calls these folks influencers, and we also get the honor to call many of them Patreon creators.

We’re thrilled and so proud to congratulate all the Patreon creators nominated for this year’s awards. The passion behind their projects is as inspiring as it is awesome. Here are 10 Patreon creators you should know who are nominated for a Shorty Award.

Beleaf in Fatherhood, Parenting & Family

Glen Henry gives you the inside scoop on his life, marriage, and parenthood through his channel, Beleaf in Fatherhood. Using comedy, honesty, and his personal insights, Glen aims to build the bonds of families by creating content that inspires parents and children.

One of Glen’s major focuses with Beleaf in Fatherhood is challenging stereotypes of black fatherhood. By addressing these misconceptions head-on, he’s built a community of over 150,000 followers on YouTube and has garnished support from more than 600 patrons on Patreon. Following this success, Glen was chosen as one of YouTube’s 2018 Creators for Change Global Ambassadors. This nomination is a testament of Glen’s ability to pilot social change globally.

Through Patreon, Glen gains a reliable income that helps him create the raw and relatable content that makes Beleaf in Fatherhood. Check out his Patreon page to learn more about his growing community (and to meet his family!)

Cahlaflour, Twitch Streamer of the Year

Cahla, or as her Twitch fans and friends know her, Cahlaflour, is almost always on — literally! Catch her streaming six days a week, eight hours a day where she plays video games and spends time with her super engaged community. Last year Cahla garnered 150K views, and has more than 51K followers, impressing them with her skills playing Dead Before Daylight.

Cahla’s Patreon program allows her to foster another side of her creative business, one that focuses on cosplay, behind the scenes content, and photography. Cahla keeps her streaming free and accessible to all, and encourages her most passionate fans to get to know her on Patreon where she posts multiple times a week and hosts a private, patron-only Snapchat.

Cup of TJ, Travel

TJ Lee left her corporate job in tech marketing and set off to trek the globe as a digital nomad. Today she “makes videos and eat[s] a lot” — and serves her audience content on everything from adventure to appetizing bites. TJ’s foodie forays both home and abroad have garnered her 235K+ YouTube subscribers and made her name a common one among popular travel vloggers.

TJ’s Patreon program directly supports her mission to bring new experiences to “adventurers with a big appetite.” Funds go to food and transportation expenses, production costs, and buying new production equipment. In exchange, TJ offers early access to fresh content, exclusive footage, and discounted merchandise.

Good Mythical Morning, Web Series

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to turn your kitchen into a mad scientist’s lab? Save yourself the cleanup and check out Good Mythical Morning, a web series on YouTube co-hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. Fusing science with pop culture and tech, these two best friends show you exactly what happens when you combine comedy with creative and unique science experiments.

Link and Rhett have more than 15 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. In February, they launched their membership program using Memberful and branded it as a secret society so they could give back to the patrons helping support their series. In return, the duo has promised two $1,000 grants to two different members of their mythical society to help empower the winners to push their creative boundaries.

Kati Morton, Mental Health and Wellness

Kati joined Patreon with over six years of experience creating videos to destigmatize mental illness. As a licensed mental health therapist, Kati brings validation and awareness to all aspects of mental health by providing safe and educational resources to her community.

Kati launched her Patreon following her tremendous growth on her YouTube channel (now with over 720K subscribers!). With more than 900 videos online, she needed a way to keep up with her fans while growing her following. Patreon helps her continue answering your most important questions through monthly livestreams without sacrificing the research needed to create thoughtful resources.

Last Podcast On The Left, Podcast

Do you want the nitty-gritty details on some of the world’s most infamous serial killers? Are you a conspiracy theory enthusiast? Do you just want to talk about aliens sometimes? Then you’ll want to get to know Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, and Ben Kissel, co-hosts of Last Podcast On The Left.

Last Podcast On The Left is a comedy podcast that dives deep into all realms of horror and true crime. These three friends deliver weekly episodes of their podcast to listeners, and actively engage with their more than 250,000 social media followers on a daily basis.

With the help of fans on Patreon, this trio is able to invest hours into the research and equipment necessary to deliver thoughtful and hard-hitting episodes on some of the creepy and fascinating subjects of our world.

The Latest Kate, Artist

One look at Kate Allan’s Patreon page and you’ll be immediately greeted by the most adorable animals she’s illustrated to deliver motivational messages. Kate is a mental health advocate who uses art to provide comfort and compassion to those struggling with mental illness. It is her belief that art therapy fosters hope for those with emotional struggles, and reminds people of the positive when they need it most.

Kate’s art has attracted more than 87,000 followers on Instagram and her book, You Can Do All Things, showcases her illustrations that help fans feel less burdened and more hopeful. With the support of her patrons, she maintains all the supplies needed to keep creating and distributing her rays of sunshine through therapeutic artwork.

The Try Guys, YouTube Ensemble

The Try Guys are four best friends who have combined their comedic superpowers to create relatable videos for people across the globe. Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang went viral after working with BuzzFeed to showcase the hilarity in everyday tasks. On YouTube alone, The Try Guys have 5.8 million subscribers.

Nowadays, this quartet is building their own independent production company focused on making you laugh. Their comedy portfolio includes videos, livestreams, and merch. They’ve chosen Patreon as their platform to help grow their new business into a sustainable one. Patrons help fuel their growth by giving them space to build out their production team so they can continue making high-quality content.

This Might Get Weird, Podcast

Comedians Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart use YouTube to gift us with hilarious takes on celebrities, Doritos, the supernatural, and (literally) everything else in between. With more than 183,000 subscribers on YouTube, Grace and Mamrie create content that will make you laugh and feel a little less alone in this crazy world.

This comedic pair joins Patreon to create unfiltered content that lends itself to their mission of showing only their most genuine selves. Through the support on their Patreon page, they’re able to share their daily adventures of good, clean weirdness with fans across the world.'

Shawn Johnson East, Sports

There was a time when Olympians were asked where they were going to go after winning a medal and the answer was often “Disneyland.” For Shawn Johnson East, however, life after the Olympics took her to TV. After injuries forced her into early retirement, the Olympic Gold Medal winner put on her dancing shoes and went on to win the hearts (and first place) on Season Eight of Dancing with the Stars. Today, she has a massive social media following; 675K+ subscribers follow her YouTube channel to get a glimpse of her life as an entrepreneur and wife of NFL player Andrew East. A million (and counting) more fans find her on Instagram for “Fyt” and fun life tips.

Together, Shawn and Andrew launched a Patreon program in early 2019 to create a deeper connection with their most passionate fans. Offering exclusive videos, early access to new projects, and an insight into their lives as they plan to start a family, Shawn and Andrew are excited to have more meaningful conversations with their patrons.

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