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Patreon is heading to LA, Chicago, Austin, NYC, and Seattle over the next couple months!  If you’re in one of these cities OR you’re able to attend an event in one of these cities, you can apply for an invitation.


At Patreon On Tour: Grow Your Creative Career we’ll share the best practices for growing your business on Patreon, tips we’ve learned from the most successful creators on the platform, and ways to help you adopt these strategies as soon as possible. We’ll also bring you into some new things we’re working on within the product. We’d love if you’d join us for an afternoon of connection and learning, lead by Bremner Morris, Head of Creator Partnerships, and team members from across Patreon’s product organization.


Who is it for? The series is for creators who are preparing to launch their Patreon page, have launched and want to refresh their strategy, or Patreon creators who just want to hear the latest developments on the platform.


Complete this form to apply to attend in your city! If accepted we’ll email you when the dates are announced in your area!





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