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5 Patreon Podcasters You’ll Want to Catch at PodX

Interested in all things podcasts? This May 31 through June 2, you’ll want to make sure your on the list for PodX, the ultimate annual podcast convention for enthusiasts, fans, seasoned creators, and aspiring podcasters!

Whether your preferred podcast theme is true crime, keeping up on local and national politics, or you’re more interested in original storytelling, you’ll find a bit of everything at PodX. Plus, with three days of packed listening you might even come across new podcasts and creators to add to your queue. Interested in being more than a listener and stepping up to the mic? You’re in luck, because there will be panels, live shows, and ample opportunity to learn the best podcasting processes directly from experts.

Ready to pack your bags and head to Nashville to commiserate with fellow creators and enthusiast? Same. But first, check out these Patreon podcasters we think you’ll want to know before you get to PodX.

1. Adventures in New America, Stephen Winter and Tristen Cowen

Adventures in New America is written, directed, and produced by Stephen Winter and Tristen Cowen. It’s a sci-fi political satire that follows two “African-New-American” friends, IA and Simon Carr, who take on high-stakes robberies to pay for IA’s medical treatments while also battling life in a New York City that’s become overrun with vampire zombie aliens. There’s also the occasional musical number that you’ll encounter with this exciting podcast.

Through their Patreon, they allow fans of all different tiers to get the same behind-the-scenes content, like deleted scenes and director’s notes. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn as much about the Adventures in New America creative process as possible.

2. Undisclosed, Rabia Chaudry and Susan Simpson

If you paid attention to the first season of Serial focused on an investigation into the case of Adnan Syed, which many believe to have really helped popularize podcasts and create the boom that we now see, then you might want to check out Undisclosed.

Attorney Rabia Chaudry, a family friend of the Syed family who is very outspoken about her stance on Adnan’s alleged wrongful conviction, formed the podcast originally with fellow attorneys Susan Simpson and Colin Miller. Their initial intention was to look into The State v. Adnan Syed case to determine exactly what happened in this case from January 13, 1999. They took what was learned from Serial and also went further in their analysis to determine exactly what went wrong and when.

Now, the Undisclosed team is focusing on The State v. Joey Watkins, a Georgia man who was sentenced to life in prison in July 2001 for the murder of Isaac Dawkins in January 2000. Similarly, the team is now investigating this case to find as much information as possible to show that it is a wrongful conviction.

Through podcasts on ten different cases, Undisclosed has found new evidence while also supporting defendants as they attempt to get their cases reopened. Through Patreon, you can help support their investigative efforts, legal expenses, and podcast production.

3. Spirits, Amanda McLoughlin

This podcast will not only teach you fun new facts about mythology, lore, and urban legends, but it’ll also make you laugh. Hosts Julia and Amanda mix up a cocktail at the beginning of each episode before delving into the topic at hand. It’s a great opportunity to hear some of your favorite myths and stories while also learning about a few new ones along the way. They’ll also delve into a little bit of history and context surrounding each myth, geeking out as only history lovers can do.

By supporting them on Patreon, you can get access to some custom drink-mixing recipe cards and learn how to make the cocktails from various episodes. You can also get bonus urban legend episodes, get care packages from the team, check out behind-the-scenes content, and view live stream sessions every quarter.

4. Good Morning Night Vale, Hal Lublin and Symphony Sanders

This is the ultimate Welcome to Night Vale fanatic podcast. Hosts Meg Bashwiner, Symphony Sanders, and Hal Lublin recap old episodes of the series, starting with its first episodes from 2012. They feature interviews with creators and cast members of Welcome to Night Vale, trivia, origin stories, and never before content.

It’s great for both new and old fans, who can learn about one of the great original storytelling podcast series. Patreon supporters will get exclusive behind-the-scenes extras, access to Ask Me Anything sessions, and can even receive fun swag in the mail from the Good Morning Night Vale family.

5. Who? Weekly, Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber

Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber delve into the ultimate celebrity gossip on their Who? Weekly podcast, giving deep dives and bringing you down celeb rabbit holes that you didn’t even know you needed to learn about. It’s the perfect podcast for people who see celebrities on social media or stumble across them in gossip magazines and blogs and have no idea who these people are and why they matter. Tune in for the gossip and other fun like games, special guests, and more.

Patreon supporters help the podcasters continue to bring you the hot gossip that you absolutely need to know, and they’ll offer perks like more insider insights and advance access to tickets for live events.

Intrigued? This is just a sampling of all the podcasting goodness you can get your ears in on at PodX, so make sure you snag your tickets. You won’t want to miss out!