Patreon’s Office and Creator Artwork!

Ever wonder what’s inside the walls of Patreon HQ in San Francisco, CA? 

Internet, how goes it!?

I’m Rey Gutierrez, Video Lead and Artist at Patreon! In the last several weeks, since I started my new journey at Patreon, Jack and I have been vlogging his adventures as an artist, turned CEO. We’re over 40 episodes deep, and cultivating a great community of creators and entrepreneurs on his Youtube channel! But, instead of asking for your attention to subscribe, and like our videos — hit the play button above, and you tell us, are we on the right track, do we deserve your praise?

One thing I love about Patreon, is the beautiful environment we all work in. Creator’s artwork stands proudly, perched up on our walls in our haven of awesome. In our latest vlog story, we take you inside our offices and give you a brief look into our beautiful world. Also, If you’re a fan of the beat and vibing to the tune, give No Mana’s Soundcloud a listen.