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Patron Picks: The Best Creators on Patreon

Behind every great creator on Patreon is a group of people dedicated to supporting them on their creative journey — a community of people passionate about art and determined to help creators realize their creative dreams. Of course, I’m talking about patrons.

So who better to ask about their favorite Patreon creators than patrons themselves? I reached out to some long-time patrons and asked this simple question: Who is your favorite Patreon creator? Here is what they said:

Evan Dahm
Creating fantasy adventure comics and illustrations

Creating fantasy adventure comics and illustrations.

“Evan has been creating gorgeous and stunningly creative fantasy epics with dreamlike characters who draw you in. There is something indescribable about his work which I can’t put into words but which has always delighted and entranced me–hopefully it’s not just me and others would feel similarly if given the chance.” – Josh E., patron since July, 2014

Evynne Hollens
Creating music videos

Screenshot 2015-12-28 17.17.05

“Evynne is the most under-appreciated female vocal talent in the business; I am in awe of her voice! But what sets her apart is her personal touch, her two-way communication with her fans. This trait is shared by my other three favorites, her husband Peter, Tyler Ward and Taylor Davis.” – Michael L., patron since May, 2014

[Tweet “”What sets @evynnehollens apart is her personal touch, her two-way communication with her fans.””]

Healthcare Triage
Creating healthier people

Healthcare Triage

“The Healthcare Triage project has been expanding its creativity by starting a live weekly show that is completely interactive with its fans to include patrons.” -Troy R., patron since November, 2013

Andrew Huang
Creating music

Andrew Huang

“I particularly like Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon on Patreon — they’re really great at replying to comments and have great perks for the audience.” -Matt G., patron since May, 2013

Anna Anthropy
Creating games

Anna Anthropy

“Anna Anthropy’s games (including Dys4ia, Star Wench, and Triad) continually shock me with outsider visions of what games must become. Her book “Rise of the Videogame Zinesters” inspired me to see a world where games are daring and unkempt and true.” – Ryan W., patron since October, 2013

[Tweet “”@Auntiepixelante’s book inspired me to see a world where games are daring and unkempt and true.””]

Have you already navigated off of this post to check out some of these rad creators? Wait… you’ve already become a patron?! Wow — thank you so much for supporting creators on Patreon.  You rock!

[Tweet “Welp, these #patreoncreators are awesome. Thank you, patrons, for showing me the way!”]

Who’s your favorite creator on Patreon?  Share in the comments!

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