The Patreon creator’s guide to tax season

Updated: March 2022

Our mission at Patreon is to give creators the tools to build the most successful, sustainable creative businesses they possibly can. That means we want to be as transparent as possible about things like managing your finances, building your business, and, of course, paying your taxes. (Seriously. Pay those taxes!)

What do creators need to know about taxes?

While Patreon can’t provide tax advice, we can share information to help answer your tax-related questions and prepare you for tax season. Check out what you can (and can’t) write off as a creator, the Creator Tax Information docs in our Help Center, and read on for more information on all things 1099.

Will I receive a 1099 from Patreon?

Generally, if you’re a U.S. citizen or resident who’s earned over $600 in a calendar year on Patreon, you’ll receive a form 1099-K.

How do I get that 1099-K?

If you’re required to receive a 1099-K, we’ll send it to you in the mail. (Make sure your mailing address is up to date at the end of the year.)

You can also enable paperless statements from the tax section of your Payout settings page. We generate a 1099 form for all U.S. creators who reach the thresholds in a calendar year between January and February. If you haven’t received it by mid-February or your address was out of date, please let us know.

Why doesn’t my 1099-K match the tax information in my Patreon account?

The gross earnings included on your 1099-K don’t include refunds, which means you might see a mismatch between the form and the numbers in your Patreon account. This is normal and doesn’t mean anything is wrong with either source. The IRS is quite specific on what amounts are reported on a Form 1099-K, and states that amounts are to be reported “without regard to any adjustments for …refunds.” That said, refunds are absolutely a business expense, and should be accounted for when you file your taxes.

What if I have more questions about taxes, my finances, or other tax forms?

If you want to learn more about the Patreon side of things, consult our Help Center or send an email to our support team. Keep in mind that we can’t provide tax or financial advice, but we’re here to support you in the ways that we can. If you’re looking for formal tax information, can be a helpful, and official, place to start for creators in the U.S.

Most of all: be sure to consult a tax professional, and to pay your taxes.