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Taxes Overview

Our biggest goal here at Patreon is to set the creative class up for sustainable success. Part of that means being as transparent as possible about things like managing your financial success. As you get started on Patreon, please take some time to learn about taxes, and don’t forget to pay them.

Seriously. Pay your taxes.

While we can’t give advice on filing taxes, we do have some information to get you started and answer some of your tax-related questions:


Will I be receiving a 1099-K this year?

US citizens who have earned over $20,000, or are residing in Vermont or Massachusetts and earned over $600, in a calendar year on Patreon, are subject to receiving form 1099-K. You will receive a 1099-K in the mail. If you have not received your copy of the 1099-K form by February 18th, please let us know. The 1099-K form will reflect your gross earnings for 2018. If you are a US citizen that has earned less than $20,000 (or less than $600 in Vermont and Massachusetts) or an international creator on Patreon, you will not receive a 1099-K in the mail.

What are gross earnings and how do I see them?

Gross earnings are the total amount of pledges processed in 2018 minus Patreon’s fees and processing fees. Head on over to your tax information on the payout preferences page and see your 2018 gross earnings and what to report on.

What if I have more questions about taxes, my finances, and other forms?

Consult our Help Center or send an email to our support team. We cannot provide tax advice so please consult a tax professional and be sure to appropriately report all income to the relevant tax authorities.

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