A Pep Talk Every Creator Needs to Hear

Hey you! Yes, you there. What I’m about to say is meant for you to hear. Whether you identify with the term artist, creator, crafter, content producer, or none of the above, this pep talk is for you.

You may not need this right now; in which case, feel free to put it in your back pocket for a rainy day. Or maybe you are stuck, needing guidance, recovering from a disaster or uncertain of where to go at the moment. In which case, stop everything you’re doing and listen up.

Some days you’ll feel as if you conquered the world and others you might wish you never existed. But this fluctuation is important for helping you recognize days that really matter and to learn from your mistakes. When you receive praise for your work, stay humble. Don’t ever accept that you’ve somehow “made it” because someone else believes that you have. When you receive criticism, embrace it. Criticism is a powerful tool when guiding you towards success, for it directly teaches you how you can improve.

You were put here to do great things and your mere existence is reason enough to celebrate. Your voice is unique and inherently yours and the inspiration you gather from anywhere else is meant for you to find. Originality doesn’t mean creating something new out of nothing but being able to put a unique spin on something you’ve already seen or heard. The definition of creativity is “the ability to transcend traditional ideas to create meaningful new ones,” so don’t ever let someone tell you that your interpretation is too bizarre or wrong. The way that you feel and how you share those feelings is always exactly right.

Your greatest contribution to humanity is your persistence in showing the world who you really are. You may spend your whole life trying to figure this out, and that’s okay. Life would be pretty dull if you had all of the answers already. But as you begin to figure out and learn from each of the riddles left for you to find, it is your duty to share these discoveries with the world.

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.-Kurt Vonnegut

If you’ve just started creating something, you’ve made it past the hardest part. If you’ve already finished, you’re ready to begin again. If you’re staring at a blank page or wondering when creativity will strike, close your eyes and savor this moment. This is when anything is possible; when you get to choose the direction you will take to solve whatever it is you’re trying to solve.

You are an artist when you say you are. Say it loud and the world will listen.

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