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Polling Your Patrons

When you go to create a new post, you’ll see an option to create a poll. You can choose to make your poll public or for patrons only.

Polls are a great way to source feedback from your patrons. If you’re stuck on your next project, rethinking your tiers and benefits, or just want to know what made your patrons pledge, you can use polls to easily ask your patrons. For example, if you’re a podcaster, think about polling your patrons for potential topics or their dream interview candidates. If you’re creating cooking videos, you can create a poll asking your audience what you should whip up next.

Getting your audience involved in your process is a great way to strengthen the connection within your community and make for a lasting relationship with loyal fans.

Stay tuned for stories and first-hand experience from creators who love the polling feature so you can learn how to use it to grow your Patreon membership business and foster community among your fans.